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MLW Fusion: Fatu sends CIMA out in a body bag

MLW hit a milestone with episode 100 of Fusion. The action from Philadelphia featured Davey Boy Smith Jr. going strong against Erick Stevens, Brian Pillman Jr. flying against Jimmy Havoc, and a heavyweight title fight between Jacob Fatu and CIMA.

On to a recap and review of the show...


Jacob Fatu opened with a promo for CIMA about their Heavyweight Championship fight. It won’t be about wins and losses. It will be about pain. Fatu’s fist has CIMA’s name on it. He will put CIMA down for good. Hail, Contra!

Erick Stevens vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Tom Lawlor was on commentary. Kit Osbourne was ringside in support of Erick Stevens. Lawlor put over Osbourne as one of the finest cornermen in the history of combat sports. Neither man had a role in interfering during the match.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. had a pre-match promo backstage with Alicia Atout. Stevens has a big mouth and thinks he’s tough with a mohawk and tattoos. When Stevens steps in the ring with Davey Boy, Davey will knock him sideways. If anyone from Team Filthy wants to get involved in the match, Smith has the Von Erichs watching his back. He’s going to hurt Stevens.

This was a hard-hitting catch-style fight with lots of mat work. Top moves were a 30-second delayed vertical suplex from Smith and a suplex on the floor from Smith. For the finish, Smith grabbed Stevens off the turnbuckle for a Calgary Stampede powerslam then a diving headbutt to win.

After the match, Lawlor was not pleased about the loss and stepped to Smith. Lawlor was reluctant to engage. Dominic Garrini came in to get in Smith’s face as well, but Lawlor called him off.


Injustice was banned from the arena due to their recent attacks on Brian Pillman Jr. Injustice rolled up to the arena unaware of this. They were hollering about beating up Pillman again. The doorman security guard told them they weren’t on the list. Injustice shouted loudly about being denied entry. In a later cutscene, they blamed Pillman for not being on the list.

Jimmy Havoc has come to the realization that he’s an addict to pain. He loves seeing his own blood and really loves hurting other people. Pillman is now on his list. It’s nothing personal. Something takes over when Havoc is in the ring. He is genuinely sorry about it, but it is Pillman’s fault for taking the match.

Low Ki was entering the arena. We will find out who is king of the knockout between himself and King Mo. Mo is about to meet the lone wolf of Brooklyn.

LA Park spoke about his plans for 2020. He is a free agent. Nobody represents him. Park is a mercenary free to fight anyone.

Jimmy Havoc vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Priscilla Kelly was ringside to support Jimmy Havoc. The match started with chain wrestling. It was closely contested with back and forth action. In the end, Kelly began getting involved.

Brian Pillman Jr. hit Havoc with a straight jacket lungblower.

Pillman went for the pin, but Kelly slipped Havoc’s foot onto the bottom rope. Kelly hopped up onto the apron as a distraction. Havoc pulled out a chain to punch Pillman, but he decided to do a fake-a-roo instead. Havoc flopped to the mat behind the referee’s back. The ref was not sold on what allegedly happened, so the match continued.

For the finish, Pillman had Havoc in a strait jacket position. Kelly climbed the corner for a flying crossbody. Pillman moved, and Kelly collided with Havoc. Pillman then hit a strait jacket neckbreaker on Havoc. Kelly went for a standing splash to break the pin. Pillman moved, and Kelly collided with Havoc again. Kelly charged at Pillman on the apron. Pillman low-bridged the top rope. Kelly tumbled down to the floor. Pillman ended the bout with a springboard clothesline to win.

Pillman had a post-match promo to say he has one goal in mind. That is challenging Myron Reed for the Middleweight Championship. Pillman will win the title for the fans and also for his father.

More promos

Back to Injustice outside the venue. They shouted threats for Pillman and the security guard. Jordan Oliver is going to stab Pillman.

Next week will be Myron Reed vs Laredo Kid for the Middleweight Championship.

On the Lifestyles of the Rich & Dynastic, Richard Holliday told MJF over the phone about his Caribbean Championship defense in St. Barts. Holliday also mentioned the nude beach. Gino Medina had a dynastic time with the mamacitas. Alexander Hammerstone appreciated the pharmacies. Holliday was proud to bring prestige to the Caribbean Championship. Medina has a fight with Warner coming up. The Dynasty will deal with him then take more vacations.

Mance Warner was with Alicia Atout. He’ll wrestle Gino Medina next week. Medina is a pretty boy who sold his soul to be with the piece of shit Dynasty. Warner is going to use his shit-kicking boots to whoop Medina’s ass. Uncle Moonman appeared with a jar of moonshine. He was back on the hooch as he recovered from the Dynasty pummeling.

Josef Samael sent a message of intel. Contra must embark on a mission and prepare for the upcoming war. Contra is getting stronger and recruiting. Their soldiers are hidden among us. The infiltration of the infidels is underway. Hail, Contra!

Killer Kross debuts in MLW next week. He will wrestle Tom Lawlor.

Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu vs CIMA

Time for the heavyweight champion roll call. The tale of the tape was next.


CIMA went solo without the Stronghearts. Jacob Fatu was accompanied by Josef Samael. CIMA used his craftiness and veteran experience for early momentum. It was only a matter of time before Fatu powerhoused to take control.

The action picked up when Fatu missed a Vader Bomb. CIMA attacked with flying double knees to Fatu’s back. Fatu blocked a monkey flip, so CIMA transitioned into a guillotine DDT. CIMA wrapped Fatu up in a submission. Fatu got his foot on the rope to break the hold. CIMA continued with a kick to Fatu’s spine. CIMA went up top but missed a flying double stomp. That led to a pop-up Samoan drop and a moonsault from Fatu.

Fatu finished CIMA with a springboard moonsault to retain the title.

After the match, the Sentai Death Squad came out with a body bag. Fatu placed CIMA inside and draped the Contra flag over his body. CIMA’s body was carried away to the back.


Episode 100 was rocking. All three matches were solid. Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Jacob Fatu looked impressive as they veer toward an eventual collision course. Brian Pillman Jr. picked up a quality win to cement his status as a top contender for Myron Reed. The promos from the Dynasty and Mance Warner brought the comedy. I like that all those different stories are building step by step. It is making me eager with anticipation.

The standout moment for me was the promo from Josef Samael. He’s been talking for weeks about an upcoming war. I felt like it had been fluff and cool stuff to say to build his character and also build the mystique of the Contra Unit faction. This week, it felt like MLW may actually be setting up a huge war story for Contra. Talking about how Contra is recruiting and soldiers are hidden among us makes me paranoid with suspicion. Who on the MLW roster could be a turncoat and join?

What was your favorite moment from episode 100 of Fusion? Which match was the best of the bunch?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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