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Tony Khan confirms Colt Cabana has signed with AEW


During the AEW Revolution pre-show, Colt Cabana made a surprise appearance to assist SCU in a capacity that seemed to indicate he had signed to work for the company as an active wrestler. This is noteworthy because he had previously done commentary on AEW Dark late last year.

During a post-event scrum, Tony Khan confirmed Cabana has signed and will be wrestling (via Fightful):

“Colt is working here. He does a variety of things. He already started as an announcer and now he’s gonna be working as a wrestler. I could see Colt wrestling for us on a regular basis. He can chip in as a commentator and also as a coach. He’s a valuable mind. He’s signed here. He can work, at my discretion, Colt can work other places.”

Cabana has made appearances for both the NWA and New Japan Pro Wrestling, which would presumably be the other places he would work at Khan’s discretion.

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