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Top 10 moves from AEW Revolution

AEW always guarantees crazy action at their shows. The Revolution PPV was no different. Let’s run through the top 10 moves from the show.

We’ll start with a silly honorable mention of referee Aubrey Edwards ejecting the Inner Circle.

10. Matt Jackson suplexed on his head

Kenny Omega and Hangman Page executed a teamwork pop-up German suplex.

9. Chris Jericho powerbombing Jon Moxley onto a table

8. Orange Cassidy running wild

This clip is for those who haven’t seen Orange Cassidy pull off actual wrestling moves. It is sped up, but OC was moving pretty fast in real time.

7. Coffin Drop

Darby Allin hit his finisher in style. I wish the clip was longer to include the pin and tremendous crowd pop.

6. Locomotion

Matt Jackson took Hangman Page for a ride on the suplex train.

5. Spanish Fly

The set up for this Spanish Fly from Sammy Guevara demonstrated his amazing athleticism.

4. MJF is better than you

Cody Rhodes thought he got one up on MJF, but MJF held tight to bring Cody with him on a suplex over the ropes.

3. Suicide Darby

Darby Allin kicked off his match with a suicide dive before the opening bell. It perfectly fit with his story of revenge. Sammy Guevara was chilling, then boom!

2. Flippy stuff

Nick Jackson flipped backward then forward for a crushing maneuver.

1. 630 senton though a table

Sammy and Darby are crazy.

That move is so awesome. Which move was your favorite from Revolution? Which moves are missing from the list?

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