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Minoru Suzuki rips and hypes Jon Moxley in the same interview


Tomorrow (Sun., Feb. 9), Minoru Suzuki challenges Jon Moxley for the IWGP United States title at New Japan’s The New Beginning. It’s a dream match for a lot of people, including Mox himself.

What lifelong wrestling fan wouldn’t want to work with the pioneering Japanese legend? The 51 year old Suzuki is a man who’s delivered memorable bouts in just about every style you can think of - from shoot MMA fights to strong style battles, comedy to deathmatches?

What does Suzuki think of the whole thing?

In a masterful interview published on New Japan’s English site, Suzuki proves how good he is at every aspect of pro wrestling as he manages to tear down and rebuild Moxley in the course a few hundred words.

Check it out.

“[Moxley]’s a guy who stepped in my house and didn’t take his shoes off at the front door. The ‘former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose’. Changed his look up a bit and here he is. Look, I’ve been watching him for a while, yeah. Can he grapple? No. Is he strong? No. Tough? No. He can’t do s**t.

Not. S**t. But that’s created a spot for him.

It’s a bit of a paradox, but it’s because of that he got chances in WWE. There’s nobody else like him, right? Nobody in the majors in America is like him. So he stands out. Nobody gets that.

Look. An absolute all-round perfectionist, the perfect complete player, tens in every category? Not even Tanahashi is that. Naito isn’t that. They don’t exist.

Hehehe… Everyone in this business is a mark, you [the interviewer] included. You fans have this idea of ratings, of skill points. You put all those points in a hexagon graph and calculate an average; ‘oh he’s a good wrestler, over 80 overall’. BS. Who the hell will pay money to buy a ticket, and see a guy who’s a perfect hexagon, 8 out of 10 or above in all areas? The guy with zero overall, the guy who can’t do anything at all, he’s a better draw.

Why is Lance Archer popular? Why does Zack Sabre Junior have the support he does? Because there’s stuff they can’t do. Nobody in this goddamn business understands that. Wrestlers don’t understand that. Trainers, people teaching these kids don’t understand that for crying out loud!

So the kids go in, and they train, and their trainers find what the gaps are in their games, and they try to fill those gaps right up. So you have this perfectly smooth, grey lump of boring trash. Fill in those holes on a wrestler and there’s no way in hell he’s filling seats with asses. It’s up to us to make people talk, to make them disagree. Make them argue. So Moxley? It’s because he can’t do s**t that he’s a good wrestler.

He has something very special about him.”

Blast your opponent as not being able to do s**t but put him over as something special. Mock the fans (he’s a heel... a respected one, but a heel) and shout out a couple other members of the roster.

That’s how you do it.

Check out the whole interview here.