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AAA Roundup: Dr. Wagner Jr. independent, La Parka for Hall of Fame, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup.

We’ll start with a good news/bad news situation. Bad news was Maximo being hospitalized last week. Information was scarce until his cousin Mascara revealed details. Good news is that Maximo’s health is under control after being admitted for pre-heart attack high blood pressure. Best of health to Maximo.

AAA announced that La Parka will be inducted into their Hall of Fame at Triplemania. La Parka died on January 11 following long-term complications from a dive gone bad. (Note: This is not the same as WCW La Parka. That man currently goes by LA Park.) La Parka’s son, Karis la Momia Jr., said it was too soon to use the La Parka name. He had promised his father that he’ll take the necessary time until he is ready as a luchador.

The biggest news of the week is Dr. Wagner Jr. announcing he will be independent. He desires to go after new challenges before planning his retirement. AAA’s next TV taping may be Wagner’s final with the company. Or not. AAA has worked with independent wrestlers on numerous occasions. It would not be surprising if Wagner has a retirement match at this year’s Triplemania in August.

Speaking of AAA’s next TV taping, it is tonight (Feb. 8) from Queretaro. You can watch live streaming for free at 9 pm ET on AAA’s Twitch channel (English and Spanish). Here is the card as advertised:

Lucha Libre AAA
  • Dr. Wagner Jr., Pentagon, & Fenix vs Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring
  • Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, & a surprise luchador vs Poder del Norte
  • Puma King, Rey Horus, & Hijo del Vikingo vs Taurus, Texano, & Rey Escorpion
  • Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr. vs Villano III Jr. & Super Fly vs Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr.
  • Mr. Iguana, Big Mami, & Dinastia vs Parka Negra, La Hiedra, & Lady Maravilla
  • Laredo Boy, Drago Kid, & Iron Kid vs Parkita Negra, Latigo, & Lowrider

In other news, La Hiedra won the EMW women’s title. She’ll probably carry the belt with her on AAA TV.

Let’s keep catching up on a pair of Conquista Total episodes from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. The best of the bunch was a four-way between Daga, Taurus, Flamita, and Cage (here). A reminder that this was before Guerra de Titanes, and that’s why Lady Maravilla has not yet been shaved bald by Big Mami.

Conquista Total: Ciudad Juarez, Part 1

Part 1 (here) featured:

Parka Negra, Arez, & Monster Clown defeated Pimpinela Escarlata, Mamba, & Murder Clown. This match marked the beginning of Mamba turning on Pimpi. For the finish, Mamba and Pimpi were celebrating, then Mamba attacked Pimpi with a surprise DDT. Monster Clown powerbomb pinned Pimpi for the win.

After the match, Mamba spoke in English for heel heat then spoke in Spanish to tell everyone that his time with Pimpi is over. If I understand correctly, the only reason Mamba was with Pimpi was for Pimpi’s fame. Now, Mamba is more famous than that b*tch (Pimpi). Pimpi’s time is over. The empire of Mamba is born, and the career of Pimpi has fallen. Pimpi got the mic to respond that he built the way for exoticos. Mamba is just a copy of Pimpi. Monster Clown was next on the mic to call for Aerostar’s mask at Triplemania Regia. Pimpi and Mamba finished the segment with a hair pulling skirmish.

Latin American Championship: Daga retained against Taurus, Flamita, and Cage in a four-way. This match was rocking and worth watching. In the end, Flamita hit a moonsault to Taurus on the floor. Taurus responded with a rodeo driver to Flamita on the apron. That took those two out of the finish. Daga caught a jumping Cage then dumped him over his shoulder for a slam. The impact caused Cage to power up with a discus lariat and a big slam. Daga kicked out of the cover. Daga pushed the referee into Cage. Cage shoved the ref out of the way and down to the mat. Daga low-blowed Cage and rolled him up to win.

Psycho Clown, Pagano, & Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated. Blue Demon Jr., Averno, & Chessman. This was a typical AAA main event wild brawl. Blue Demon bloodied Wagner early. Wagner returned the favor by ripping Blue Demon’s mask and peppering punches to spill blood. Psycho Clown pulled down Averno’s pants to whip his butt cheeks. Blue Demon and Wagner fought to the back and threw trashcans and chairs at each other. They never returned to the match. For the finish, Psycho Clown took out Averno with a cannonball off the top of the ring post. Pagano blocked a super maneuver from Chessman and turned it into a super powerbomb to win.

Afterward, Rey Escorpion attacked Psycho and took his mask.

Conquista Total: Ciudad Juarez, Part 2

Part 2 (here) featured:

Samurai, Centinela, & Argenio defeated Black Juvi, Mr. Alpha, & Chandler Hopkins. This was a local match. I think that’s all their correct names, as best I could understand. For the finish, Samurai blocked a super hurricanrana from Hopkins and turned it into a super powerbomb. Samurai’s partners followed with moonsault variations for a triple pin on their opponents.

Hometown hero. Pagano cut a rowdy promo in the ring for his city. Bitter rival Chessman came out. Chessman is going to end Pagano’s career. The two started fighting. Averno ran down with a chair. Boom to Pagano. Psycho Clown made the save and cleaned house. Rey Escorpion ruined the celebration to give the numbers advantage to the rudos. Konnan came to the ring as well. This is his house. Juarez exists because he put it on the map. He threatened that Psycho’s mask will be Rey Escorpion’s and Pagano’s hair will be Chessman’s.

Demus, Keyra, & Lady Maravilla defeated Big Mami, Niño Hamburguesa, & Mascarita Sagrada. This bout was about the feud between Maravilla and Mami. Maravilla made Mami bleed after bashing her with chairshots. Mami got revenge with a chairshot of her own and also ripped Maravilla’s mask. For the finish, Mami walloped Maravilla with a chair. Mami climbed the corner, but Demus and Keyra charged in. They superplexed Mami down to the mat. Maravilla followed with a frog splash on top of chair onto Mami. Maravilla and Keyra pinned Mami to win.

Afterward, Mami grabbed a mic to get an answer about hair vs hair. Mami lost that match, so she requested a singles bout against Maravilla to prove she is worthy for the challenge. Maravilla reiterated that Mami is not on Maravilla’s level. Maravilla took Niño and the mixed tag titles to humiliate Mami. Maravilla went on to accept hair vs hair. It ended with Maravilla calling Mami a fat pig and them skirmishing once again.

Ayako Hamada, Texano, & Rey Escorpion defeated Hijo del Vikingo, Nicho el Millonario, & Taya. Nicho is the original Psicosis known in WCW and WWE. There were two referees for whatever reason. The match quickly broke down into violence on the floor. Vikingo and Nicho were thrown into the audience. The tecnicos were beat down with chairs and a ladder. Taya did the most fighting for her side and also took the most punishment. The top highlight was Rey Escorpion catching a leaping hurricanrana from Vikingo then powerbombing him onto open chairs. The second top highlight was Nicho wearing a ladder on his shoulders and knocking all the rudos down. For the finish, Texano powerbombed Nicho onto a ladder in the corner for the win. Hijo del Tirantes kicked the second ref, so he could make the fast count to three.

We’ll close with throwback footage of Konnan performing a rap song in the mid-90s. It is a quite the sight that appears to be offbeat lip-syncing. Shout out to Konnan’s dude with the mortar board haircut. Even in the 90s that had to take big cojones to sport that ‘do.

Credit to Roy Lucier for the find. Listen to the entire album, La Ley de Konnan, here. The music is surprisingly snappy. I’d probably buy a digital version, if available, to listen once or twice a year. Konnan has a fluid, speedy rap style in Spanish. Track 1 has a funky beat. Track 2 is happy pop. Track 3 is gangsta. Track 4 is conga. Track 5 has record scratching. Track 6 is cumbia. Track 7 is forgettable. Track 8 has a catchy lady chorus. Jam on it.

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