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Why AEW wrote Awesome Kong off last night on Dark

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As covered in our man Manolo’s recap here, The Nightmare Collective turned on Awesome Kong last night (Feb. 4) on Dark. After Mel & Luther attacked the veteran, AEW released the following update on her condition:

So that’s write off. But why?

Initially, given Kong’s injury history and the fact she’d been swapped out of an announced match on the “Bash At The Beach” episode of Dynamite last month (she hasn’t wrestled since New Year’s Day), I was a little worried it might be a health issue.

PWInsider writes that’s probably not the case. Instead, they believe Kia Stevens (Kong’s real name) is off to film the fourth and final season of Netflix’s GLOW. Stevens’ Tamme Dawson is one of the core members of the cast, and her performance as a mother who struggles with portraying the stereotypical “Welfare Queen” character on the show-within-the-show is a standout on a show full of great performances.

Here’s hoping they’re right, and that Kong is feeling good whenever she returns to AEW.

If she is, I wouldn’t want to be Mel, Luther, or Brandi Rhodes.