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Did AEW just turn Brandi Rhodes and the Nightmare Collective into sympathetic faces?

Brandi Rhodes is back with another perplexing therapy session.

Last week, it seemed like there was a chance AEW flushed the Nightmare Collective storyline. Well, it looks like that saga will continue, although, AEW might have just tweaked the group to be sympathetic faces. The clip is certainly open for interpretation.

Brandi was back in her Nightmare Collective costume with the same therapist. Brandi started having weird hallucinations of the therapist wearing a similar little hat and acting as an inner voice to stay the path with the Nightmare Collective. They discussed rude comments on Twitter. The two did an exercise to release tension. The next hallucination said there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. Brandi left and we saw the same monkey doll as last week in the therapist’s chair.

I’ve always been on the side that has been enjoying the Nightmare Collective story. The execution has been suspect, but it has remained interesting and intriguing. They always leave me with a feeling of curiosity about what will happen next. This latest therapy session is no different.

The material used in the tweets makes me question if AEW turned Brandi and her crew as sympathetic faces. Calling her a talentless hack, not a good wrestler, not very talented, and not to get too fat is rude. I’m not going to argue about Brandi not being a good wrestler. It is clear that she is inexperienced in the ring. The other critiques are ones I don’t agree with. I quite enjoy Brandi on the mic when she rattles off funny insults. Saying Brandi is fat is idiotic. Since I have a general policy of being anti-idiot, that forces me to side with Brandi against her Twitter enemies.

Another confusing element was this line, “The things we hold onto, friends, family, sometimes they need to die.” I have no clue what to make of that statement. Is Brandi going to go on a killing spree? I mean Brandi has been traveling with a boozed up bear.

Who knows what type of advice that bear could be dispensing to Brandi. If I were Cody Rhodes, I’d be sleeping with one eye open.

How did you interpret Brandi Rhodes’ latest therapy session? What do you think will be the next step in the story?

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