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Jon Moxley defeats Chris Jericho to win the AEW world championship

The main event of AEW’s Revolution tonight (Feb. 29) was the AEW title match between challenger Jon Moxley and champion Chris Jericho. Jericho is the first and only AEW World champion, winning it six months ago. Would we see our first change tonight?

The answer to that is yes.

The fight was the brawl you’d expect from these men.

They brawled through the crowd and around ringside. That’s when Jericho pushed Moxley into the ring post, busting him open. Jon was later put through a table.

That sequence, and some interference from LAX, allowed Jericho to control the match for a good while. Moxley would finally fight back, but Ortiz and his loaded sock cut that rally short. This would become a theme of the match. Any time Mox seemed to be putting it together, someone from the Inner Circle would interfere.

Finally referee Aubrey Edwards had enough of their crap and tossed LAX and Jake Hager. However, while that was happening, Sammy Guevara ran from the crown and cracked Moxley in the head with the title.

But that wasn’t enough for Jericho to get the job done. From this point, he’d have to go it alone.

Jericho’s new plan was to pretty much blind his foe. He gouged Mox’s good eye, leaving his opponent blind.

The champ would go for a Judas Effect but Mox ducked it and hit him with a Paradigm Shift. That’s when he took off the eye patch revealing that he could see the entire time (but just opted to wrestle half blind?). Then another Paradigm Shift for the 1-2-3.

Jon Moxley is now your AEW world champion.

After the match, he cut a promo saying this win belongs to the fans, who have been the energy that fuels AEW. He thanks those who have stuck with him on his journey.

You can find all the results for Revolution at the live blog here.

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