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Hangman Page & Kenny Omega defeat the Young Bucks to retain the tag team championships

The AEW tag team title match tonight at Revolution was always a combustion risk.

Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page came in as champions, but it wasn’t the smoothest. In fact, Kenny is closer with their opponents tonight, the Young Bucks, as they make up the original Elite. And while Page was once close with them, he’s started lashing out against them, possibly frustrated with the fact he’s the least successful one.

While Kenny has tried to play peacemaker, the Bucks are tired of his crap. And Hangman is tired of theirs. So this match was a powder keg before the bell even rang.

It seemed to be OK early on... until Hangman Page spit in Matt Jackson’s face when Matt was just putting out his hand for a handshake.

That infuriated Matt, who had to be pulled off Hangman by both Omega and his own partner Nick.

When Hangman had the momentum and was fighting Matt outside, Kenny had to make his partner get back in the ring.

Throughout this match, the fans were were clearly behind the Hangman, with the Bucks getting booed any time they’d unleash offense on Page. When Hangman and Matt had a stare down and then traded blows, it was easy to see who this Chicago crowd wanted to the win.

The match itself became one of those exciting back and forth affairs you expect from these teams, with some exciting saves and nearfalls. Here are a couple good ones:


In the end, it looked like the Bucks took this thing over. Kenny Omega took an ugly poison rana inside the ring. Then Matt Jackson delivered three locomotion northern lights to Hangman outside and then the Bucks delivered an Indy Taker to Page on the ramp.

Back in the ring, with Page presumably out of the equation, Matt & Nick delivered a pair of superkicks and a Golden Trigger double knees. But Kenny kicked out at one. So they went back on the attack as the crowd reigned boos down on them.

Suddenly, Matt stepped back, realizing he was getting carried away what he was doing to his friend. Nick got his brother’s head back in the game and they set up a Meltzer Driver. But Page had time to recover and pull Nick out of the ring and powerbomb him through a table.

The challengers delivered the Buckshot V-Trigger, but Matt kicked out. So Kenny went for the move no one kicks out of, but his shoulder, messed up from the Iron Man match on Wednesday, got in the way. Hangman tagged in and delivered the One Winged Angle himself!

Nick had to break it up. But Page kept on it and delivered a Buck Shot Lariat to each Buck and pinned Matt for the win.

After the match, the Young Bucks tried to offer their respect to both their opponents. Kenny initially accepted it but Adam Page never did. And if you were expecting a Bucks heel turn (or hoping for one like me) that didn’t happen.

It looked like Hangman was going to Buckshot his own partner after the Bucks cleared the ring, but instead he held the ropes for his partner and they left together.


  • Hangman is super over.
  • The Young Bucks should be heels.
  • This match was great.

You can find all the results for Revolution at the live blog here.

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