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AEW’s doing WarGames, and trolling Vince McMahon in the process

Yesterday (Feb. 28) at a Q & A session, AEW Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes teased the company would make at announcement at tonight’s Revolution PPV they were bringing back an old school match concept. He alluded to it beings something WWE wouldn’t be happy about.

The assumption was All Elite would announce a version of WarGames, the two-ring-one-cage, staggered entry multi-man match concept Cody’s father Dusty invented for Jim Crockett Promotions. WWE owns that name, but Rhodes trademarked its sub-title, “The Match Beyond”.

It turns out that assumption was right, but that might not have been what Cody was referring to when he said WWE wouldn’t like it.

You might remember a quote from Vince McMahon’s July 2019 investor conference call, which was much discussed by fans and All Elite management. Asked about his new competitot, the WWE CEO said he hoped they wouldn’t resort to “blood and guts and gory things”.

On March 25 in Newark, New Jersey (also the closest AEW’s been to WWE’s “home turf” of New York City), Dynamite presents...

It’s not quite busting a throne with a sledgehammer, but the message is pretty clear.

Can’t wait to see what NXT books for that Wednesday night.

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