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AEW Revolution results, live streaming match coverage: Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho, Cody vs. MJF, more!

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sat., Feb. 29, 2019) with Revolution. The show comes our way from WinTrust Arena in AEW’s unofficial home base of Chicago.

A pre-show, The Buy In, will stream live and free starting at 7:30 p.m. Eastern / 4:30 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel and B/R Live.

The main card is available on B/R Live and via cable & satellite providers in the U.S. & Canada for $49.99, and on everywhere else for $19.99.

We’ve also got predictions from the staff for all the matches on the card here, and a show preview here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Revolution below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


  • Jon Moxley def. Chris Jericho
  • PAC def. Orange Cassidy
  • MJF def. Cody
  • Nyla Rose def. Kris Statlander
  • Hangman Page & Kenny Omega def. The Young Bucks
  • Darby Allin def. Sammy Guevara
  • Jake Hager def. Dustin Rhodes
  • Dark Order def. SCU


I know what I am and I’ll always be, your reality, is better than I could dream. All my fears turn from black to white and I’d stand and fight the whole world for you. Faith, and destiny, I never did believe, my only god is love and faith, what I see in you, and I can hold it true, like a weight in my hand. But right now, I need to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for the people.

I turn on the pre-show just a few minutes late but right in time for the bell on our opening match!

Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

Chaos from the jump but soon enough Kazarian is in control on Grayson. Standing switch, O’Connor roll denied, tag from Sky, snap German suplex and a dropkick to Uno keeps SCU in control. Working tags, knocking Dark Order to the floor, slingshot but Stu catches him and throws him to Evil who rams him into the post! Back inside, Uno working Kazarian over, quick tags, and a nice long control segment for the Dark Order ensues.

Sky gets the tag and comes in like a house afire, whip reversed, sunset flip nearly puts Uno away, snapmare and a basement dropkick to the back of the head for two more. Evil clears the ring, Scorpio turns to Grayson, bulldog headlock and a tag. Double whip, leapfrog sets up a wicked DDT that only gets two. Back and forth, overhead belly-to-belly gets a close two, assisted powerbomb into a victory roll pin but again Sky kicks out!

Fatality denied, Stu with a leaping forearm, double whip, monkey flip puts Frankie in place to drop ‘em with a double lariat! Gory Special clutch but Uno pulls Kaz out before they can hit SCU Later! Beaver Boys getting involved, Scorpio fends ‘em off, O’Connor roll but Evil is back with a northern lariat and Grayson capitalizes...

Dark Order win by pinfall with a small package from Stu Grayson on Scorpio Sky.


Alas, soon enough that damned numbers game overwhelms Cabana, and ominous music plays that makes the Order stop beating him down. A hooded figure comes out from the back... IT’S CHRISTOPHER DANIELS AND HE’S NOT HAPPY! HE JUMPS ITNO THE FRAY AND RUNS THE DARK ORDER OFF! FLYING ASSHOLE ON SILVER IS FOLLOWED BY ANGEL’S WINGS!

Jurassic Express are interviewed backstage and Luchasaurus talks about how he’s stoked to finally get some dinosaur representation on pay-per-view. They intend to keep a close eye on Cody’s match to make sure it stays fair.

Commentary discusses the card for the rest of the pre-show.

The main show begins with a video package recapping our feuds.

The Star-Spangled Banner is sung.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

Rhodes charging in, Hager catches him and rams him into the corner! Turning him around, punches in the corner but Jake gets him into the middle of the ring and hits a back suplex. Knee to the midsection, body blows, Dustin with a front kick but Hager pounds on him more. Dumping the Inner Circle man to the floor, throwing him over hte barricade, Rhodes takes him into the crowd and works him over, slamming his hand into the steel rail!

Dumping him back over the barricade, break the count, throwing him arm-first into the post and then wrenching him into it before again swinging his arm into the post! Dumping Hager into the ring, a clothesline sends him back to the floor! Dustin heads out after him again but gets caught with a back suplex into the apron and then dropped by a wicked lariat!

Back inside after a beat, cover for two, taking Rhodes into the corner and laying into him with knees. Snapmare, top wristlock applied, swinging him into a wristlock and then a shoulder armbar to keep the pressure up. Hager bleeding from the mouth, Dustin gets a few shots off, kicks to the gut get a rolling uppercut and Jake taunts for the crowd.

Trying to grind him down, Rhodes gets away briefly but a knee to the liver sends him crashing to the floor again. Back inside, taking a little too long to capitalize and so Dustin clobbers him with a lariat on the apron! Getting fired up, rolling to the floor, Hager throws him into the barricade and then the apron! Jake goes and confers with his wife briefly... and Rhodes drops him with a big boot!

Mrs. Hager tries to slap Dustin and he catches her hand and kisses her. That’s assault, my dude. Anyway, back inside, fired up, bulldog lands true, slap in the corner gets a boot but Rhodes gets the snap scoop powerslam for two! Kidney shots from the Natural, Hager with a Hot Shot, off the ropes, chop block connects! Vader Bomb but the feet were up! Schoolboy gets two, Jake fires right back with his high-angle swinging spinebuster! Vader Bomb on the second try... NOPE! Whip into a corner lariat, another lariat, a third! Jake hits the Doctor Bomb... SO CLOSE! Trapping a leg over the middle rope, kick the hamstring, charge in but Dustin back body drops him and bounces Hager’s face off the steel steps!

Dustin gets him trapped in the ropes, ready to shatter some dreams but referee Aubrey Edwards warns him off. Hager escapes, Rhodes kicks him in the gentleman’s area anyway... YOSHI TONIC! Wristlock, falling back, cross armbar but Jake keeps his hands clasped at first! Full extension achieved but Hager reverses into an ankle lock! Dustin flagging but not failing as Jake wrenches the hold in, he fires up and crawls, rolling Hager through!

Edwards almost gets crushed in the turnbuckles and Jake takes advantage, kneeing Rhodes full force in the gentleman’s area! Head-and-arm triangle, Dustin backs him into the corner to try and break it but Hager keeps it locked in! Fading, to one knee... AUBREY CALLS IT! IT’S OVER!

Jake Hager wins by referee stoppage with a head-and-arm triangle choke.

Post-match, Hager takes his wife into the ring to celebrate and QT Marshall checks on Rhodes.

We get a video package showing us that WarGames is coming to AEW Dynamite on March 25, in an episode entitled Blood & Guts.

Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

Allin rushes Guevara drops him with a suicide dive before he’s even finished his entrance! Shotgun dropkick puts him into the barricade, hammer whip across, but Sammy gets away and nails him with a kick off the steps! Moving the barricade around, Allin blocks him from smashing his face into the barricade and we see Jurassic Express watching from the front row.

Hanging Sammy up on the barricade, Darby heads back inside, off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE BARELY FALLS SHORT! Guevara capitalizes, throwing the skateboard at him after the briefest of recoveries! Sammy gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up on the floor over referee Paul Turner’s protestations. Setting Allin atop it, right hands, Sammy up top... 630 SENTON OFF THE TOP AND TO THE FLOOR THROUGH A GODDAMN TABLE!

Guevara goes and poses in the ring while Turner tries to decide what to do, and finally Darby rises and gets in the ring! Paul calls for the bell and Sammy immediately charges in with a sliding knee... NOT ENOUGH! Choking Allin over the middle rope, kicking the rope into his throat, cover still only good for two! Darby blocks a strike, Gory Special and he wrenches it in before biting his hand!

Dropping him from the Gory Special into the Fujiwara armbar! Wrenching it in, trapping Sammy’s far arm when he reaches for the ropes but the Inner Circle man gets a break with his foot! Guevara wrenches the arm, jamming Allin’s throat into the rope, up top to follow it up... DIVING STOMP ON THE APRON! Cover gets a deep two, Sammy gets the skateboard again and takes it in the ring, but Darby takes advantage... YOSHI TONIC FOR TWO!

Clutching his throat, determination in his eyes, Allin heads up top but Guevara runs the ropes and crotches him. Climbing to join him, jockeying for position... AVALANCHE SPANISH FLY CAN’T PUT DARBY ALLIN DOWN! Sammy pulls the turnbuckle pads off of one corner and tries to ram Allin into it but he blocks and monkey flips Sammy face first into it! DIAMOND DUST!

Up top again... COFFIN DROP! IT’S OVER!

Darby Allin wins by pinfall with the Coffin Drop.

Allin grabs the skateboard post-match with violence in his heart, but Jake Hager saves Sammy Guevara and beats a hasty retreat.

”Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Nick and Kenny to start, Omega with a wristlock, wrenching it in. Jackson reverses, flying mare, double leg, off the ropes, cartwheel, pass aside, full nelson denied, knucklelock, lucha arm drag connects! Another arm drag, headscissors counter, Kenny backs off and tags out. Matt in as well, arm wringer, reversed, kip-up and a reversal right back.

Matt with a leg pick, front chancery, stalemate! Matt with a double leg, raining punches down on Page’s head, referee Rick Knox barely able to get him to break momentarily and Omega tries to break it up to no avail! Finally Nick comes in and gets Matt to cool off. Adam with a palm strike, Jackson with a rolling solebutt, tag back to Matt. Off the ropes, alley-oop dropkick, clear Omega from the apron with a kick right after!

Charging in, back body drop to the apron, get Page hung up, slingshot senton atomico and a slingshot dropkick to keep Kenny off balance! Running blockbuster / backbreaker combo, no good and Hangman starts coming back, working Matt’s back over with knee drops. Tag to Kenny, running backbreaker, quick tags, continuing the pressure, taking Jackson to the floor.

Hard whip into the barricade, Omega pulls Hangman off him and throws Matt back in the ring. Champs laying chops in, Jackson looking for a northern lights to escape, his back fails on the first try but a wave of adrenaline gets it and the tag! Nick going one-on-two with kicks, bulldog / lariat combo connects! Knuckle lock, escalera into a Frankensteiner!

Knee in the corner, to the apron for a running kick, slingshot X-Factor back inside and a moonsault off the apron as Nick Jackson is a whirlwind of motion! Sunset flip back inside, step through, Sharpshooter applied in the middle of the ring! Omega and Matt brawling it out, a Frankensteiner puts him on the floor, it’s Terminator time... CUT OFF WITH A SUPERKICK!

Jockeying for position, low bridge sends Nick flying, Matt gets in Adam’s face and referee Rick Knox barely keeps the peace. Nick pulls Hangman off the apron, Matt has Kenny lined up... JUMPING PILEDRIVER! OMEGA LIVES! Nick locking Kenny down with a front chancery, he fights to his feet, throwing Jackson into Page’s boot and following it up with a Liger Bomb!

Tag made, Hangman lighting the Young Bucks up, whip into a boot, lariat takes Nick out, fallaway slam into a kip-up for Adam, dive on Nick, lariat sends Matt ot the floor and he’s fired up! Boot up to block, back elbow, up top... ORIHARA MOONSAULT! Page demands Matt tag in and he gets his wish! Slugging it out forearm for forearm, off the ropes and Page decks him with a boot!

Blind tag from Omega, working Matt over, HUGE German suplex dumps him on the back of his neck! DOCTOR WILY BOMB! NO GOOD! Page legal, charge in, sidestep, gamengiri connects and Nick is legal. Superkick to an intervening Omega, knucklelock and a roundhouse kick, springboard, shoved off, lands on his feet on the ramp, springboard back in... FLIP PILEDRIVER FOR TWO!

Page gets an elbow up but Matt holds him down and Nick hits a Cheeky Nando’s! POWERBOMB / BLOCKBUSTER BUT OMEGA BREAKS IT UP! Throwing the Best Bout Machine to the floor, Page gets a rolling elbow, low kick, fired up... CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! Matt fighting every inch of it, Nick up top... 450 splash! NO DICE! Fireman’s carry, Matt’s back gives out, no bang for your buck!

Kenny with the fireman’s carry, Finlay Roll, running shooting star press, moonsault, Hangman up top... MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM BUT NICK KICKS OUT! Powerbomb, roll through, V-Trigger... MATT BREAKS IT UP! V-Trigger blocked, standing switch, jockeying for position, V-Trigger connects! V-Trigger sends Matt to the ramp, Dragon suplex for Nick! ANOTHER ONE! Underhooks... TIGER DRIVER ‘98 BUT NICK JACKSON FINDS A WAY TO STAY ALIVE!

Up top, jockeying for position, I miss the highspot but bodies are flying! Rolling northern lights suplexes on the ramp! Calling for Nick, Matt gets Adam in position on the ramp... INDYTAKER ON THE UNFORGIVING SURFACE OF THE RAMP! Back inside with Omega, wrists clutched... KAMIGOYE BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT AT ONE! Another nearfall, Matt tags in, wristlock and stomps to the bad shoulder!

Omega helpless on the mat, Jackson tearing the kinesio tape off his shoulder before lifting his up... BUT PAGE IS ALIVE AND HE BLOCKS THE MELTZER DRIVER! HE POWERBOMBS NICK THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE! V-TRIGGER! BUCK SHOT! V-TRIGGER! MATT JACKSON FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT! Kenny fighting through the pain, V-Trigger connects, electric chair but Matt fights out and hits a superkick!

Page tags in, electric chair... HANGMAN HITS HIS OWN ONE-WINGED ANGEL BUT NICK BREAKS THE PIN UP! Throwing Nick out to the stage, Hangman drops him with Buck Shot! ANOTHER ONE FOR MATT! IT’S OVER!

”Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega win by pinfall with Buck Shot from Page on Matt Jackson to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the Bucks and Omega slap hands with Page standing off on his own. Matt tries to offer him a handshake but Hangman leans on the ropes and thinks about it for a long beat. He turns but decides to leave the ring. He sets his title down and grabs the ropes, waiting for Kenny to turn around, but when he does all Page does is open the ropes for him.

Adam takes a beer from a fan and heads backstage with it.

Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose (c) (AEW World Women’s Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Rose shoves her off with ease. Back to the lockup, Statlander backs her into the ropes and they struggle for the advantage in the ropes until referee Bryce Remsburg counts the break. Nyla with a side headlock, shot off, leapfrog, shoulder block, Rose with a kick to the midsection and back to the headlock. Shot off again, shoulder block, Kris kips up and gets right in her face!

Enzuigiri, champ ducks, looking for an STF but Statlander slips out and hits a standing moonsault for two. Drawing the champion back up, she rams her into the corner, shoulder thrusts, Kris sidesteps the body avalanche. Back body drop to the apron, elbow to the jaw, Rose heads out to the ramp and puts boots to her. Throw her inside, Statlander off the ropes, Nyla sidesteps and the dive comes up empty!

Back inside... ROSE SPEARS HER THROUGH THE ROPES FOR A TIGHT TWO! Looking for the powerbomb, Kris blocks, short-arm lariats from the champ and she gets another two. Drawing her challenger up, Rose with a straight suplex into the turnbuckles! Remsburg counting, Statlander back inside. Putting boots to her, Kris fires up and gets out of ‘em, off the ropes, back body drop, land on her feet!

Superkick dazes the champ, both women down and out as Bryce issues a standing ten count. Slugging it out forearm for forearm, from their knees and to their feet, Kris gets an enzuigiri and Nyla collapses before rolling to the floor to recover. Off the ropes, suicide dive connects! Statlander back inside, off the ropes again and again the suicide dive lands true!

Back inside, perched up top, missile dropkick gets Kris two. Corner lariat, champ with hard rights, short whip and a northern lariat! Choking her in the ropes, hanging her up, Nyla heads up top... AND STATLANDER WALKS ON HER HANDS TO ESCAPE! She blows the Native Beast a kiss and lands a roundhouse kick into the boop when she pops down! DDT... NOPE!

Jockeying for position, Rose gets her down and locks the STF on! Kris crawling, reaching, Nyla repositions and drags her into the middle of the ring! Off the ropes, big splash but the knees are up! Dropkick for breathing room, off the ropes, Rose hits the Beast Bomb... NOT ENOUGH! Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Statlander gets a dirty-lookin’ superplex for two!

Arguing with Remsburg, Nyla boots her down and heads up top. Cut off with a shotei, Kris climbs up with her... FRANKENSTEINER DENIED! AVALANCHE BEAST BOMB, TENRYU STYLE! IT’S OVER!

Nyla Rose wins by pinfall with a Tenryu-style avalanche Beast Bomb to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Cody Rhodes vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Rhodes in hot but Friedman ducks him and bails to the floor! Back inside, Cody with a leg pick, Max blocks, jockeying for position, MJF misses an elbow, Rhodes misses the Cody Cutter, again Friedman bails. This time he hops the rail and walks off into the crowd! Cody trying to keep composed in the ring, Max jawing at fans and he throws one guy’s beer at him!

Back inside momentarily, refusing the countout, trying to provoke Rhodes into action and failing. Max comes back in and Cody lights him up with strikes! Trading right hands, whip reversed, drop down slap into the Cody Cutter... ONLY ONE! Rhodes heads to the back to build up a head of steam and lariats MJF over the ropes and back in the ring hard enough for a tight two count!

Stomping Max’s hand, whip reversed, up and over into a sunset flip, only two. Kick to the midsection, catch one from Friedman, backflip and MJF pokes Cody’s eye! Stomp his foot, Rhodes gets him up after, spinning Alabama Slam! Slow to capitalize, count gets to two and Cody pulls Max up to lay punches in right between his eyes! Stomp to the head, front kick to the face.

Friedman bails ot the floor, Brandi Rhodes gets Wardlow’s attention and throws a beer in his face before running! Wardlow heads around and Cody dives on him, putting boots to him! Taking Max back inside, but he snaps off an armwringer over the ropes and Wardlow posts Rhodes’ arm! Back inside, MJF throws him shoulder-first into the post and stalks out after him.

Arm wringer, Tenryu powerbomb but Cody kicks out! Back to the arm, hitting an arm wringer into a hip toss in the turnbuckles for another nearfall. Stretching Rhodes’ arm out, standing on his hand, stamping on it, following up with a top wristlock as Cody screams and stretches for the ropes. Just tying Rhodes up in knots... AND CODY BITES THE BOTTOM ROPE TO FORCE THE BREAK!

Taking Rhodes’ kickpad off and then his shoe, stepping on his stocking foot... BITING HIS FOOT MY GOD! Setting Cody up top, knucklelock but Rhodes slips down... GALLON THROW INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Back suplex lift sets Friedman up top... INVERTED SUPERPLEX! Referee Paul Turner issuing the standing ten count, Cody puts MJF to the apron, Beautiful Disaster, Max bails and Wardlow gets on the apron to block Rhodes off.

Arn Anderson gets a steel chair in hand, Turner admonishes both sets of seconds and we cut back over to Cody and MJF and Max is busted way the hell open! Rhodes smashes his face into the steel steps and throws Friedman in the ring. Mounted punches targeting the cut on his head and following it up with the snap scoop powerslam for two! BIONIC ELBOW!


Back inside, Max takes advantage of the distraction to nail him in the gentleman’s area with an uppercut! Cover... NOPE! Jockeying for position... CODY SUPLEXES HIM OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE FLOOR! Referee Paul Turner counting with them on the floor, both men make it back in but Rhodes is hurting and has to take the tape off of one of his wrists.

Trading hard right hands, just pasting each other, wobbly on their feet, a little bit of the ol’ Flip, Flop, & Fly just like the Dream, but Max ducks the Bionic Elbow! Cross Rhodes clutched, MJF reverses... DOUBLE CROSS IS ONLY GOOD FOR TWO! He’s got Cody’s weight belt, Turner takes it from him, Rhodes takes advantage with a low blow... COP KILLER CAN’T KEEP MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN DOWN!

Cody grabs his belt and whips Friedman with it! Referee Paul Turner tries to take it from him but Rhodes successfully argues for one more shot and throws the belt into the crowd after! MJF down and out in the corner, begging off, hugging Cody’s feet and sobbing, crawling to his feet and hugging his former friend... BEFORE HE SPIT IN HIS EYE!

Charging in, Cody floats over... CROSS RHODES! Not good enough for Rhodes, he hits another one and still doesn’t capitalize! Looking for the third but Max hits him with a knee to face and gets a loaded shot with the ring... IT’S OVER!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with a loaded punch.

Orange Cassidy vs. PAC

Squaring up, Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pockets but PAC blocks, so he goes behind and hits an arm wringer takedown and THEN he puts his hands in his pockets! Duck a lariat, OC throwing deadly kicks and the Bastard returns them in kind before shoving him down hard and knocking his glasses off! Orange sits up and PAC grabs him by the hair and drags him up.

Off the ropes, roll over, kip-up, off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, no-hands arm drap, wheelbarrow into a crosslegged pin for two! Off the ropes, PAC catches him with a backbreaker! The Bastard with a running stomp, drawing him up, throwing him to the floor and then into the barricade! Throwing Cassidy back in the ring, putting boots to him, scoop and a slam.

Heading up top, Orange getting himself back together and PAC drops him with a missile dropkick! Drawing Freshly Squeezed up, rolling solebutt, front kick, superkick, Liger Bomb... NOT ENOUGH! Front chancery, he drops Cassidy as he tries to figure out a “No Pulp!” chant from the fans. Setting him up top... SUPERPLEX BUT HE PULLS HIM UP AT TWO! Headed up top, but Orange rolls to the floor.

Back inside, and Cassidy rolls across to the other side! Again, and this time the Bastard cuts him off before he can get all the way through and Orange is all smiles as he changes directions and kips up. Off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE! Up top... DIVING CROSSBODY! SATELLITE DDT AND THE ROOF COMES OFF THE PLACE BUT IT’S ONLY A NEARFALL!

PAC drops him with a lariat but Orange fights back with limp palm strikes and slips his hands back in his pockets! Duck a lariat, flying forearm and Freshly Squeezed is fired up! STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! Headed up top, but the Bastard crotches him! Up top... ORANGE REVERSES TO A DDT! Cassidy off the top... DIVING DDT BUT THE BASTARD ROLLS HIS WAY TO THE RAMP! Best Friends throw PAC back in... AIR RAID CRASH!

Lucha Brothers come to even the odds and take Best Friends out! CHUCK TAYLOR TOPE CON GIRO! They all fight to the back, PAC with an arm wringer and into the Brutalizer...

PAC wins by submission with the Brutalizer.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Jon Moxley (AEW World Championship)

Right in with the Frye/Takayama punches! Moxley with a kick to the midsection, chops, whip across, clothesline sends Jericho to the floor! Following out after, northern lariat, fighting out into the crowd and Y2J blasts Jon with some fan’s water bottle before clubbing him over his head with a stanchion! Wailing on him, seemingly desperate to be disqualified but referee Aubrey Edwards is giving them a lot of rope.

Mox fighting him up the steps, right hands, reverse chinlock into an overhead elbow but Chris throws him down the aisle and into a fan! Chris with the camera, flipping Moxley the bird before he keeps beating on him... HE THROWS A BARRICADE AT HIM TENRYU-STYLE! Jon dives off the ramp with a double axehandle to get back at him and follows it up with forearms on forearms.

Another diving double axehandle off the ramp, Jericho slumping down and Moxley pulls him up for chops... BEFORE BITING HIM IN THE STITCHES! Y2J throws Mox face-first into the post, he’s opened up and Edwards checks on him. Clubbing away... POWERBOMB INTO THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE! Jericho posing in the ring as blood flows down Jon’s face from the injured eye and he struggles to his feet.

Jabs to the injury, jawing at the challenger, Chris heads to the second rope and hits a diving double axehandle. Y2J goes and gets the ring bell and dings it a few times before declaring himself the winner. He goes back in the ring and stomps a proverbial mudhole in Mox and catapults him into the bottom rope! Flipping the bird at the crowd, disdainful strikes and Moxley fires up and pounds on him in the corner!

Whip reversed, Mox goes hard into the turnbuckles and Jericho scrapes his boot across Jon’s eye before dumping him to the floor. Santana puts boots to Moxley, Jericho comes down, he and Mox trade forearms before he whips his challenger into the steel steps! Inner Circle guys surrounding Jon and jawing at him, when he gets back in the ring Chris is right on him, gourdbustering him into the top rope and hitting a basement dropkick for two.

Y2J laying chops in, whip across, corner lariat, setting Mox up top. Joining him, jockeying for position and they both end up down and out! Slugging it out with forearms, corner lariats and Jon absolutely lays into him with stomps in the corner! Whip reversed, back elbow, missile dropkick caught but Mox reverses the walls and grabs a kneebar!

Jericho to the floor, Moxley lands a suicide dive that absolutely crumples him! Back inside, neck snap, running knee, only two! Jon to his feet, Paradigm Shift denied, getting into it with Ortiz and Santana and Angel hits him with the madball! Lionsault... NOT ENOUGH! Raining punches down on Mox’s face, covered in his blood, right hands in the corner.

Whip across, lariat, looking for the Codebreaker but Mox reverses! Chris reverses to the double leg, Jon reverses and he’s got a Boston Crab of his own locked in! Y2J crawling, reaching, but Moxley drags him into the middle of the ring! JAKE HAGER IS HERE AND HE MAKES THE SAVE! CODEBREAKER BUT JON MOXLEY AIN’T LOSING THAT EASY! WALLS OF JERICHO!

Crawling, desperate, Jericho pulls him into the middle of the ring but he can’t lock his hands all the way and Mox fires up, posting all the way up on his hands, crawling... HE’S GOT THE ROPES! Y2J shoves referee Aubrey Edwards over her decision and Mox snaps off a back suplex on him! Off the ropes, big lariat, Hager with a cheap shot but Aubrey notices... AND SHE THROWS THE INNER CIRCLE OUT!

Jon gets to his feet, Sammy Guevara slips around the outside... AND BLASTS HIM WITH THE TITLE BELT BEFORE RUNNING OFF THROUGH THE CROWD! Both men down and out, Edwards checks on them as Jericho recovers and gets the cover... BUT MOX AIN’T LOSING LIKE THAT! Moxley picking at his head wound, blood pouring down his face and Jericho hammers him with elbows!

Mox pastes him with right hands, trading forearms, front kick, underhooks blocked and Jericho gouges his good eye! Big boot, jawing at him, taunting while Jon takes blind swings. Jab connects, knee drop across the face, Y2J off the second with a fist drop! Calling for it, waiting for Mox but he ducks the Judas Effect! Kick to the midsection... PARADIGM SHIFT!

Pulling the eyepatch off, blood dripping on the mat, and his bad eye is healed! Front kick...

Jon Moxley wins by pinfall with the Paradigm Shift to win the AEW World Championship.

Moxley celebrates with the title before getting on the mic.

He says he loves this shit! (So do we, Mox!) It’s been a hell of a year for him, a long road, but he didn’t win this— just like AEW belongs to us, the title belongs to us. He doesn’t have words to describe the gratitude he has toward the entire AEW family, but most importantly to us. Nothin’ much left to say, and it feels like it’s beer o’clock.

His music starts and he says he’s making it up as he goes along and it cuts out. He’ll take on anybody, any time, any place, but right now it’s time to knock back some whiskey.

He leaves the ring, winks at the camera, and blows a kiss before heading out to celebrate in the crowd.

That’s the show, folks.

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