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AEW Revolution predictions - Moxley vs. Jericho, Cody vs. MJF, more!

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All Elite Wrestling is putting on their latest pay-per-view tomorrow (Sat., Feb. 29, 2020) - Revolution!

After a free streaming pre-show which starts a half-hour earlier, the event starts at 8PM Eastern, and can be purchased on B/R Live (and traditional PPV) here in the U.S. & Canada, and on everywhere else.

Revolution is AEW’s first PPV of the year, and we’ve had almost four months worth of Dynamite building to the event at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena. There’s lots of story and plenty of bad blood heading into these matches.

We’ve assembling our motley crew to give thoughts & predictions on each bout on the card.

Let's get to it.


Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho (c) for the AEW World championship

Sean Rueter: The ratings are solid, the reviews are good, and the contract extension is signed. Le Champeon has done his job, and it’s probably time to loosen up his already loose AEW schedule so he can hit the summer music festival circuit with Fozzy. Plus, with Cody blocked from the title picture the best potential challengers are heels. Time for a change. Pick: Jon Moxley

Kyle Decker: Moxley is the first guy I can realistically seeing defeat Jericho. But I wouldn’t and I don’t think they will either. Jericho is just too good as champ with his Inner Circle. He can use his role as heel to help put over young guys in a way that Moxley wouldn’t be able to as a loner babyface. And I just see potential match ups more interesting with Chris as champion still (Omega, Hangman), though he wouldn’t work as well if they want guys like PAC or MJF to get a shot. Pick: Chris Jericho

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: There are a lot of directions this story can go that make for good wrestling stories and at least a few that make for great wrestling stories, but there’s only one ending to this match that’s truly, truly satisfying, and that’s Jon Moxley with the Paradigm Shift and the 1-2-3. And AEW are very good at satisfying, so... Pick: Jon Moxley

Cain A. Knight: They’ve done a great job with this entire story, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. My guess is that Moxley gets the title. He’s the hottest star in company right now, and he can keep feuding with Jericho for the title in the aftermath. Pick: Jon Moxley

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Le Champion is a crafty veteran. He’ll have a trick or two or three up his sleeve that Moxley will not see, literally. Pick: Chris Jericho

Stella Cheeks: This is how you build a championship feud! I feel a little like Stephan here but this feud has everything. A little bit of the bubbly, a stolen luxury car, an eye-patch, an assassin, stitches! Jericho is a champion cornered with no where else to go and Jon Moxley has his eye on him! Aside from Cody (who currently cannot challenge for the title), Moxley is the only real threat on the roster. If Moxley wins it opens up the championship to other AEW contenders. Is Darby Allin going to win the championship from Jericho? No. Could he feasibly win from Moxley? Yes. Jericho has had the belt since October. It’s time. Pick: Jon Moxley

MJF vs. Cody

Sean Rueter: Rhodes is a kayfabe and meta babyface, and about as bulletproof a guy as exists in the business right now. Like his dad, the more he struggles, the more we cheer. He doesn’t need this. His opponent does. Pick: MJF

Kyle Decker: They clearly want to get MJF over in a huge way. And Cody has survived all the road blocks put in his way. What would be more insufferable than an MJF who wins after Cody endured all that and then brags about it endlessly. That’s a heel right there. Pick: MJF

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: On the flipside, this is a story where I don’t think we want to be satisfied just yet, and there’s no end of cool/fun/frustrating ways for MJF to pick up the win, from straight-up bald-faced interference from Wardlow to the debut of a new goon to Max just straight-up being the better man. Pick: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Cain A. Knight: I think MJF has this one. He’s no Shawn Spears. Pick: MJF

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Cody needs a feel-good finish after his last big moment for glory was tossed away. He will be a nightmare of intensity and too much for MJF to handle. Pick: Cody Rhodes

Stella Cheeks: For being the literal owner of the company Cody sure has done a hell of a job turning himself into a baby face underdog. I think Cody got it wrong when he said MJF is just a chapter in his story. He’s a whole section and we’ve just started reading. Pick: MJF

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) for the AEW World Tag Team championship

Sean Rueter: Doesn’t feel like there’s a clear direction they have to go in, either with the story or the outcome. That’s pretty exciting. This prediction is mostly because I think it’s worth letting the current tensions play out a bit more before someone (or ones) turn and the current champs split. Pick: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Kyle Decker: No matter where they go here, whether it be a Hangman heel turn (don’t do that, AEW), an Omega heel turn, a Bucks heel turn (my preferred), or no heel turn at all, the Bucks winning is the right choice here. They’re one of the best tag teams and they should have a title. There’s no long term reason to have Hangman hold these titles while his new gimmick is the catalyst he needs for a run in the main event. And Omega’s bread and butter is singles work as well. Pick: The Young Bucks

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I’m torn. On one hand, the Bucks are gonna get a title reign sooner rather than later, and after the sitdown interview on the go-home, the time seems ripe for Hangman and Omega to split. On the other, I can’t help but think I’d rather slow-burn Page’s singles push and the Bucks have plenty of time, and it’d be fun to get to a nice little stretch of Kenny and Adam running on all cylinders before the shoe drops, so... Pick: “Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega

Cain A. Knight: Hangman Page has quickly become one of the most entertaining characters in AEW, and this match should be great. Things have been going a little too well in the win column for Omega and Page, so I think the Young Bucks finally bring home the gold. Pick: The Young Bucks

Manolo H. Pizzazz: This will be the match where Hangman gains his confidence. He’ll giddy up for cowboy shit to slap the smugness from the Young Bucks smirking mugs. Pick: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Stella Cheeks: Kenny is like the little kid in the divorce that is trying to keep both his parents happy. Now Kenny may love Hangman and he may love being a champion, but the Bucks are blood! Plus, PAC beat the absolute hell out of him on Wednesday - who knows where his head is at. Hangman already thinks he’s the out man out in the Elite, time to make it a reality. Pick: The Young Bucks

Nyla Rose (c) vs. Kris Statlander for the AEW Women’s World championship

Sean Rueter: I am among The Galaxy for whom Statlander is our Favorite Alien, and her time will come. But it’s not now. That said... it’s the AEW Women’s division, so who the hell knows. Pick: Nyla Rose

Kyle Decker: It’s way too early to take the title off Nyla. Hell, it’s too early to run this match really, but they are. So Statlander ain’t winning the gold. Pick: Nyla Rose

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: C’mon, I can’t pick against Nyla. A hero to the people is what she is, and long may she reign. Pick: Nyla Rose

Cain A. Knight: Nyla Rose just won the title, and there’s isn’t much of a story here. That means the champ will probably retain her gold. Pick: Nyla Rose

Manolo H. Pizzazz: The Native Beast will punch Statlander in the nose. That will mess up Statlander’s alien senses. Pick: Nyla Rose

Stella Cheeks: Nyla Rose finally won the championship belt and while Statlander has proven herself to be a competitor not to be taken lightly I doubt they’ll take the title away from Nyla during a match with no story line, no build and no purpose other than “we have to have a women’s match or the twitter will attack us.” I am excited for this match because I like these competitors, but I am (yet again) disappointed by AEW’s women’s creative. Pick: Nyla Rose

Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes

Sean Rueter: I just assume AEW’s deal with Bellator prohibits the big Okie from talking AND losing. Pick: Jake Hager

Kyle Decker: Dustin doesn’t need this win. If Hager is going to be the muscle of the Inner Circle, he can’t lose his first match. Pick: Jake Hager

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Hey, everybody. It’s me, the one person who’s excited to see Jack Swagger wrestle for the first time in ages. Love that high-angle twisting spinebuster! Anyway, this should be a hoot, and it being Jake’s first match and all, there’s only one way this can go... Pick: Jake Hager

Cain A. Knight: I think Hager has been used perfectly as Jericho’s silent muscle, and I’m not looking forward to a singles run in the ring. Hopefully that’s not what this is leading to, though it’s clear who the winner will be. Pick: Jake Hager

Manolo H. Pizzazz: At Rhodes’ age, he won’t be able to match Hager’s ability to get rock hard with emotion. Hager will wear Rhodes down en route to a ground and pound finish. Pick: Jake Hager

Stella Cheeks: LOL whatever. Pick: Jake Hager

Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin

Sean Rueter: Santana & Ortiz are free tonight, so I figure they get involved to help the Spanish Sex God win after Darby pops the crowd with something crazy. The loss will push Allin toward forming the super-team with Mox that all right-thinking rasslin fans want. Pick: Sammy Guevara

Kyle Decker: I think Sammy G has benefited the most from being in the Inner Circle. LAX was already going to be just fine. Hager is already credible. Not as many fans knew Sammy and he has shined as the little shit of the Inner Circle. That being said, Darby Allin is a star in the waiting and already positioned higher on the card so he’ll pick up the win here. Pick: Darby Allin

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: My big question here is “What is the wildest thing Darby can jump off of in this arena?”, followed closely by “Can we get a pin off of Last Supper for once?” Darby is ready for the spotlight, but without any real obvious high profile feuds for him (although boy howdy, after Lance Archer has had a month or two of build, let ‘em at each other and watch the sparks fly!), I’m thinking this is one where he gets caught out. Pick: Sammy Guevara

Cain A. Knight: Both of these guys are terrific, but Darby Allin can be a big star really soon, so he should win matches like this Pick: Darby Allin

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Guevara’s arrogance will be his downfall. Allin is not someone you can waste time with. You have to put him away when the opportunity arrives. Guevara will be too busy schmoozing for the cameras. Pick: Darby Allin

Stella Cheeks: Darby Allin is a future champion and Sammy, while fun to watch wrestle, is just a punk. Plus, Sammy broke his skateboard. A crime like that can’t go unpunished. Pick: Darby Allin

Orange Cassidy vs. PAC

Sean Rueter: This is for everyone who thought PAC left WWE because he didn’t want to work with a comedy guy. He just didn’t want to work with an a-hole like nZo. Anyway... another match where I don’t really have much of a clue what they’re gonna do, but I’m very interested in seeing what they decide. Pick: Orange Cassidy

Kyle Decker: Man, how do they debut Cassidy? He’s already super over. Is it enough to have him hang with a top tier talent like PAC? Or does he pull a shocking upset? Honestly, I don’t think he needs to win to be over while PAC has hit a bit of a skid. Pick: PAC

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Oh, my colleagues of little faith. I’ve seen Orange Cassidy beat a game “Ace of Beyond”-era David Starr in what was probably my 2018 match of the year, a match that nobody on earth would have given him the tiniest chance of winning before he had it. Give him the win and he’ll move mountains, I guarantee it. Pick: Orange Cassidy

Cain A. Knight: I love this match because I have no idea what the hell will happen, and AEW will probably open my eyes to something I’ve never seen before. Pick: PAC

Manolo H. Pizzazz: PAC is too vicious. He’s the kind of guy that crushes oranges with his bare hands to make a glass of juice. He’ll also crush Cassidy. Pick: PAC

Stella Cheeks: As much as I love Orange Cassidy he can take a loss. No one really expects him to win and they will love him regardless. If PAC loses to OC right after losing to Kenny in which may be the best AEW match he’ll lose all credibility. I do think OC will put up more of a fight than both the audience and PAC anticipate. Can’t wait to see OC TRY! Pick: PAC

That's who we've got. Who are you taking, Cagesiders?

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