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Top 5 moments and blunders from AAA in Guadalajara

AAA held a TV taping last night (Feb. 22) from Guadalajara, Jalisco. It looked like a standard show with little progression for storylines. Let’s hit the results then jump into the top moments and then the silliest moments. The event featured fans flipping the bird, top notch and low notch suicide dives, and one of the ugliest 619s you’ll ever see.

The card was shifted a little from what was initially advertised. That’s par for the course in AAA. Quick results from opener to main event:

Niño Hamburguesa, Mascarita Sagrada, & Aramis defeated Demus, Latigo, & Draztick Boy (Hamburguesa pinned Draztick via flying splash)

After the match, Los Ingobernables beat up Hamburguesa and Mascarita because they can.

Lady Maravilla and La Hiedra defeated Lady Shani (Maravilla and Hiedra both pinned Shani after a package piledriver from interfering Rey Escorpion and a frog splash from Maravilla, so I’m not sure who was technically the winner of what was supposed to be a three-way)

Parka Negra & Super Fly defeated LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park and Argenis & Arez in a three-way (Parka Negra pinned Hijo de LA Park after removing the mask and a low blow)

Hijo del Vikingo, Octagon Jr., & Myzteziz Jr. defeated Averno, Rey Escorpion, & Chessman (Octagon pinned Chessman via split-legged springboard moonsault)

After the match, Los Mercenarios beat up the winners. Rey Escorpion demanded a trios title match, and so it came to pass.

Hijo del Vikingo, Octagon Jr., & Myzteziz Jr. defeated Rey Escorpion, Taurus, & La Hiedra to retain the trios titles in a short surprise match (Vikingo pinned Hiedra via inverted 450 splash)

Pentagon & Fenix defeated Australian Suicide & Taurus and Puma King & Laredo Kid in a three-way (Fenix pinned Australian Suicide via Black Fire Driver)

After the match, Averno, Super Fly, and Chessman attacked the Lucha Bros to build toward a tag title match in the future.

Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring defeated Pagano, Monster Clown, & Murder Clown (Park pinned Monster via spear)

Top 5

Let’s run down the coolest moments from the show.

5. Flipping the bird

Fans in lucha libre get legitimately upset at times, as evidenced by this lady fan flipping the bird to Averno at the end of this clip. Her defiance cracks me up every single time.

4. Teamwork slingshot

Puma King and Laredo Kid attempted a slingshot splash. It wasn’t as smooth as it could have been, but they get points for trying the unique maneuver.

3. Hijo del Vikingo flipping

Hijo del Vikingo never met a set of ropes he didn’t like. Check out this rope bouncing, flippy hurricanrana.

2. Jinetes del Aire

The Jinetes del Aire are arguably the best flippy team in the world. Watch Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., and Octagon Jr. take flight.

1. Aramis’ suicide dive

Aramis hit a suicide dive like he was shot out of a cannon onto his seated opponent.

Aramis is the luchador rumored to have interest from AEW. Moves like that show you why.

Not top 5

This show seemed to have a bevy of bungles. Some planned and some unplanned. Let’s run down the sillier moments of the show.

5. Bucket of cold water

LA Park threw a bucket of cold water at Niño Hamburguesa. I’m not sure why. After a hard match, that would probably feel quite refreshing. Thanks, LA Park.

LA Park was bringing the chuckles. He also wore this silly viking get-up.

4. Pagano’s suicide dive

Pagano bounced off the top of the huddled bodies. I guess the impact was supposed to be equivalent to banging the top of your head? Anyone who has done that knows how painful it can be. This clip redeems itself with Chessman slamming Pagano off the entrance ramp. Chessman must have been as disappointed by that suicide dive as I was.

3. Referee incompetence

Nothing like lucha libre to give referees a bad image. They are a bumbling crew in Mexico. Piero was cowardly tucked away in the corner while Parka Negra yanked off Hijo de LA Park’s mask and kicked him in the cojones to win.

I’ve seen variations of that finish in lucha libre over one hundred times and it still amuses me. Homero Simpson was right. Getting hit in the groin works on so many levels.

2. Octagon Jr.’s suicide dive

Octagon Jr. took a dive, was caught, then deposited into the front row.

1. 6-1-ugly

Murder Clown attempted a triple 619 that was so ugly. At least he made up for it with a flying splash in the same clip.

What was your favorite moment from AAA’s show in Guadalajara? Where does Murder Clown’s 619 rank in the ugliest attempts at the move?

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