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AEW rumored to be interested in new luchador

When AEW announced a partnership with lucha libre promotion AAA, fans were excited to see luchadores enter the fray as a nod to the heralded WCW cruiserweight division. Fenix and Pentagon are mainstays with AEW. Outside of the Lucha Bros, AEW television is been mostly free of lucha libre talent. That could change with AEW’s rumored interest in signing a new luchador in Aramis.

Dave Meltzer mentioned in Wrestling Observer Newsletter that AEW and Tony Khan have interest in Aramis. That likely connection to discovering Aramis would be his work for PWG at Battle of Los Angeles 2019, which had Excalibur calling the action. Several from AEW’s roster have wrestled with PWG at one time or another. Former PWG champions include Frankie Kazarian, Kenny Omega, Chuck Taylor, Jeff Cobb, Scorpio Sky, Excalibur, PAC, Young Bucks, Evil Uno, and Lucha Bros.

Aramis made his US debut at Battle of Los Angeles 2019, but his lucha libre debut came in 2010. You would think that would make him close to 30 years old, however, information on luchadores can sometimes be shrouded in mystery. Super Luchas mentions Aramis as 21 years, so that would mean he started at age 11 or 12. As funny as it is to say, that is not out of the realm of possibility in lucha libre culture. Aramis cracked the big show in Mexico by having matches with AAA since 2017.

Enjoy Aramis’ highlight reel to see what he can offer in the ring.

Aramis was skinny in 2017, but I noticed he has put on some muscle over time. Check out his highlights from a match with Bandido in December 2019. Aramis is in white, and Bandido is in gold.

If you are wondering why AEW doesn’t sign Bandido, he is currently working with ROH and CMLL.

It will be interesting to see if AEW can lock Aramis down, if that is what both desire. He could fill a key spot when AEW begins their new second show as part of the extended television deal with TNT. Aramis doesn’t have the indie buzz swirling around him just yet, but promotions like Impact, ROH, and MLW are always keen on bringing in next generation luchadores. Now could be the time to strike for AEW before it is too late. Such was the case when AEW missed out on signing top prospect Chris Bey, who went to Impact.

Would Aramis be a good addition to the AEW roster? Do you want more luchadores on AEW programming?

Shout out to Mas Lucha and Super Luchas for info on the rumor.

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