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AAA Roundup: Karis la Momia Jr. becomes La Parka Jr., more focus on feuds

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s catch up on the news from the past week.

Since La Parka’s death, there have been questions about the future of the La Parka character. La Parka’s son previously decided to take the mantle of Karis la Momia Jr. as he grew into his own. Due to the sad circumstances with his father, Karis has now decided to become La Parka Jr. to carry on the legacy.

La Parka Jr. is still working on his craft, so I wouldn’t expect him to be rushed to AAA soon.

In other news, Starfire announced she is going independent. It won’t be that big of a loss for AAA, since she wasn’t used that often. I’d love Starfire to sign with AEW to bolster the women’s division. She has experience in the Japanese style and snaps creative suplexes.

AAA is holding a TV taping tonight (Feb. 22) at 9 pm ET from Guadalajara. You can view the free live stream on AAA’s Twitch channel (English and Spanish). The card as advertised is:

  • Pagano, Monster Clown, & Murder Clown vs Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring
  • Pentagon & Fenix vs Daga & Taurus vs Puma King & Laredo Kid
  • Hijo del Vikingo, Octagon Jr., & Myzteziz Jr. vs Averno, Rey Escorpion, & Chessman
  • LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park vs Argenis & Australian Suicide vs Parka Negra & Super Fly
  • Lady Shani, Mascarita Sagrada, & Niño Hamburguesa vs La Hiedra, Demus, & Lady Maravilla
  • Aramis & Draztik Boy vs Arez & Latigo

On paper, it looks like a typical card with cool lucha libre action. The Lucha Bros triple threat tag match should be the show-stealer. I’m curious to see if Aramis is still on the show. If not, it could lend truth to the rumor that AEW is interested in signing him. Even if Aramis is present, that doesn’t squash the rumor though.

More feuds for AAA

AAA seems to have changed their creative style this year for the Nacemos Para Luchar (the new name of Conquista Total) television program. Last year, feuds took place in the ring with little promo time. This year has ushered in a bevy of short promos. Hopefully this keeps the TV program feeling fresh over time, assuming AAA follows up on the stories. In addition to the beef brewing between the Psycho Circus and the Ingobernables, let’s go over other potential feuds.

Fenix is calling out Daga.

The people think Fenix is the best. He proves it day after day, night after night. Fenix told Daga to get off the keyboard and meet him face to face. Meanwhile, Daga is interested in winning the Cruiserweight title to go with his Latin American Championship. He called out Laredo Kid and mentioned the title shot he earned at the Invading NY show at Madison Square Garden last year.

Blue Demon Jr. warned Drago to watch his back. Blue Demon will teach him respect.

Chessman and Pagano are still interested in hair vs hair. Chessman hasn’t accepted yet, but he does plan on putting Pagano in a wheel chair.

Keyra told Taya that her days are numbered as Reina de Reinas champ.

That could be a pretty good feud. Keyra never lost the title in the ring. She had to relinquish the belt due to a knee injury last year. AAA usually doesn’t do singles bouts for the Reina de Reinas Championship, but Taya and Keyra would no doubt be capable of tearing down the house as opponents.

Argenis is angry about Myzteziz Jr. using the Myzteziz name. It belongs in Argenis’ family. His brother, Caristico (fka original Sin Cara), was Myzteziz. Argenis will keep coming until Myzteziz accepts a match for the name or the mask. Myzteziz Jr. is tired of the sneak attacks. The name is won in the ring.

Hijo del Vikingo came up short in singles titles, so he desires more experience. Vikingo called out former Cruiserweight champ Australian Suicide.

Los Mercenarios announced their intention to take the trios titles from the Jinetes del Aire. the Jinetes are prepared for all challengers. The belts will stay around their waists. With Vikingo and Myzteziz focusing on singles feuds, I wouldn’t be surprised if Los Mercenarios were successful.

Demus came to AAA to end Mascarita Dorada/Sagrada. He challenged Mascarita to hair vs mask. Mascarita replied to come get it.

Mamba ran down all AAA’s exoticos.

It is Mamba’s time to shine. Pimpinela Escarlata has little time left in lucha libre. Mamba is the new queen. What happened to Maximo after the breakup of the Fresas Salvajes? Mamba doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Rookie Dulce Canela will pay the consequences for interfering in Mamba’s business. Cassandro is past his prime. None of them are worth Mamba’s time. Mamba also introduced Tiago, as a VIP member of El Imperio. Tiago will watch the back of his queen.

Some of these feuds will pay off quicker than others, and some may go cold without a conclusion. That is life for AAA’s stories. Looking at AAA’s upcoming Rey de Reyes card, the only stories for that major event appear to be Psycho Circus vs Los Ingobernables and Los Jinetes del Aire defending the trios titles against Los Mercenarios. The following major event would be Triplemania in August, so we’ll have to see which feuds percolate hot enough to be on that card.

Which of AAA’s feuds excite you most?

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