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Our eyes are on the wrong potential AEW heel turn: It’s time for The Reign of Kenny Omega

How Hangman Page could benefit from being the victim of his partner’s betrayal.

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I hope All Elite Wrestling is up to some A+ level misdirection right now. Because the audience’s eyes are firmly square on Adam Page, the beers in his hands and the funny one-liners about his lower-third. And while Hangman’s brooding, and looking cool doing it, there’s a far more interesting story simmering on the opposite side of his tag rope.

Yes, Kenneth Omega. The guy who used to be called The Best Bout Machine. The guy who owned every card-carrying Meltzer subscriber. The former “hottest free agent” and biggest signing in pro wrestling. Who’s been reduced to ... the less interesting half of a tag team? The guy getting blame for booking a women’s division that’s struggling to get air time?

Unless Kenny was tired of the hour-long main events, and the spotlight, and felt like he needed to step back, none of this makes sense. Sure, he’s a champion now, but it’s not at all about him. And maybe he could be the nice babyface who puts Page over, but allow me to drive this car straight down my favorite back alley: Fantasy Booking Lane.

So, let’s fast-forward to tag team match at Revolution next Saturday (Feb. 29). The Bucks beat Kenny and Page for the titles, after miscommunication on the side of the two singles stars. And while we think Page is about to get upset about it, he goes and gets some beers and give them to The Jackson 2 and walks away.

Or at least he tries to. After he shakes Kenny’s hand, Omega maintains wrist control, and snaps him in for a V-Trigger. The Bucks are horrified. Even Jim Ross shuts up.

Omega hoists Hangman up for the One Winged Angel, and slams him down. Later that night, Mox beats Jericho. The lights turn off. Lights turn on, and Omega’s standing there, and just spams Mox with knees. He grabs the mic and says “This was my company all along, and no washed up goon on his second chance is going to take it from me.”

And then, you have Mox and Omega feud a bit, their first PPV match ending in a time limit draw. Then, next time Omega wins, and it sets us into Kenny’s long reign. He just is a dick. Earned, because of skill and talent, but insufferable because to borrow a page from John Cena’s detractors, LOL KENNY WINS.

Imagine what would have happened if Brock Lesnar actually showed up and wrestled for more than 18 minutes at a time? And could talk, taking the mic and saying the rest of the Elite were holding him back. That he was wasting his time trying to make something out of Adam Page.

That would be a wrestler who could hold a championship for the better part of a year. That would be a champion who you could get a lot out of, when they finally lose.

And that’s where Page comes back in. He won’t float up to the title scene immediately, but Omega would be the perfect person for Page to beat. Omega’s the workrate guy, the wrestling artist. Hangman’s the beer drinking asskicker who’s just trying to figure it out.

Along the way, we get main event after main event where Kenny Omega gets to be the dickish wrestling god we know he can be. Go back to the Kenny who felt insulted on his way out of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Have him be vocally bitter about how he left Japan for *this.* And Page can be the guy who is thankful and proud to have the chance to do this.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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