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Kenny Omega and Hangman Page retain the AEW tag titles against the Lucha Bros

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This week (Feb. 19) on Dynamite, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defended their mantle as the top team in AEW by putting their tag titles on the line against the Lucha Bros.

Up to this point, Pentagon and Fenix were the only team to ever beat Omega and Page in AEW tag team action, and they’ve done it multiple times.

These are four of the very best wrestlers in AEW, and the action in this one was breathtaking at times. Check out this nifty cannonball.

The heels worked over Omega’s leg and left him limping halfway into the match, which didn’t bode well for the champs. Fenix then took out Page with a cutter while Pentagon nailed Omega with a Destroyer, prompting the audience to show their appreciation.

Fenix especially stole the show here, like he often does, by running across the top rope and kicking Omega in the head. How the hell does he do that?

Omega and Page accidentally knocked into each other, leaving Kenny alone in the ring to eat a Penta Driver, but Kenny somehow kicked out at the very last second.

The craziness didn’t end there, and the champs eventually pulled out the win with their V-Trigger / Buckshot Lariat combo on Fenix.

The Young Bucks, who will challenge Omega and Page for the titles at Revolution, made their way to the ring to help Omega to his feet. Omega was caught in the middle of both Page and The Young Bucks, a little unsure how to react.

Page didn’t have time for that nonsense, so he instead opted to leave the ring and have a drink.

Are you looking forward to the Young Bucks versus Omega and Page at Revolution?

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