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Cody Rhodes moonsaults off the top of a giant steel cage to earn a match with MJF

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Cody Rhodes had one final obstacle standing between him and a match with MJF at Revolution, on Feb. 29. Rhodes would have to defeat Wardlow, MJF’s monster bodyguard, in a steel cage match. There was no escape from the cage in this one; you had to pin or submit your opponent inside the ring.

Early on, Wardlow imposed his will by lawn-darting Cody face first into the cage. That’s what happens when you enter a steel cage match with a very large man.

Cody was severely busted open when Dynamite returned from commercial break. Part of his hair was stained red with blood as Wardlow raked his face across the steel.

The cage door opened up, with Cody’s head partially hanging outside the cage. At MJF’s behest, Arn Anderson teased turning heel and smashing the cage door into Cody’s head. But Anderson expertly slammed the cage door into an unsuspecting MJF instead.

Things got wild as Cody got hold of MJF’s diamond ring and blasted Wardlow in the head with it. MJF tried to climb his way into the cage but Brandi Rhodes swatted him off with steel chair shots.

Cody’s finisher wasn’t enough to put Wardlow away. So what’s Plan B? How about a moonsault off the top of the cage?

Holy shit! That man is out of his mind.

And with that, Cody Rhodes defeated Wardlow and earned his match with MJF at Revolution.

What did you think of the finish to this match, Cagesiders?

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