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Two one-eyed men in an ass-kicking contest

Jon Moxley and Santana both entered tonight’s (Feb. 12) main event on Dynamite with just one functional eye, determined to kick the other man’s ass.

Santana had some ringside help in the form of his Inner Circle teammate Ortiz, while Moxley had, well, he doesn’t need any extra help - he’s Jon F’N Moxley!

Late in the match, Moxley’s good eye was briefly incapacitated when Ortiz spit an alcoholic beverage in his face. But Moxley was resilient enough to break out of the ensuing pin fall attempt after Santana’s frog splash.

Moxley stood up and swung wildly, unable to see his opponent. But he still somehow managed to jab a thumb into Santana’s eye, and followed it up with a paradigm shift for the win.

Ortiz and the Inner Circle crashed the ring after the match was over and put the boots to Moxley, including a thumb to the eye. Jericho whipped Moxley with the AEW world championship, and Jake Hager delivered a kick to the genitals. Le Champion put Moxley down for good with the Judas Effect.

Jeff Cobb then made his AEW debut when he emerged from the back and crushed Moxley with a Tour of the Islands.

How will Jon Moxley survive when he goes one-on-one with Jeff Cobb next week?

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