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AEW Rewind: MJF & Jungle Boy smack talk, Jimmy Havoc’s slaughter room, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

We’ll start with Darby Allin with a flamethrower from last week’s Dynamite. If you missed it, enjoy. If you’ve already seen it, then you’ll probably enjoy watching it again as much as I do. The 37 second video accomplishes so much. It establishes Allin’s throat injury, his hatred for Sammy Guevara, his dark demeanor, and is visually cool.

Jungle Boy and MJF exchanged words over Twitter.

I score that round for MJF. It had boastfulness, threats, and wrapped back around to his beef with Cody.

AEW Road to Austin

“AEW Road to Austin,” (here) featured:

  • Music video recap of MJF lashing Cody Rhodes.
  • Jimmy Havoc promo with rusty tools in a slaughter room inside his house. Havoc hasn’t been around, but he has been paying attention to your hopes, dreams, and fear. All he needs is that one chance to cut out your heart. He hopes you suffer.
AEW Road to Austin
  • Package putting over Jungle Boy against MJF. The commentary team spoke highly of Jungle Boy. The match against MJF is his chance to break through. They compared this contest to a potential trap game in sports. MJF will need to focus on the task at hand instead of looking forward to his fight with Cody.
  • Hype and recap for Nyla Rose vs Riho.

Being the Elite

“Rocket City” - Being The Elite Ep. 190 (here) featured:

  • Matt Jackson was back to making coffee. Brandon Cutler lied about it tasting good. Nick Jackson threw it over his shoulder instead of taking a sip. Matt is thinking about opening his own coffee shop. Cut to Matt’s inner voice. He wondered if they would lie to him about the coffee. He really wants to open the coffee shop, because the AEW executive vice president job suuuucks.
  • The Young Bucks were at space camp in Huntsville, AL. They went on some gravity contraption and a spinning gyroscope chair. There was also a nice Uranus joke as Matt was bent over.
  • Scorpio Sky stole Kaz’s “Do ya!?!” routine for Kip Sabian, who wished he was at the Super Bowl. Sky turned around to see Kaz with his mouth wide open. Kaz blurted out, “Dude, what the f—k?” Sky was sorry he stole the bit, but he just loves it. “Do ya!?!” Christopher Daniels walked up wanting to talk about a big deal, but Kaz was busy and Sky was passed out.
  • Sammy Guevara knocked a magazine out of Brandon Cutler’s hands. They exchanged playful, snippy insults as friends. Cutler was frustrated that he has never won a match in AEW. Guevara revealed he had an advisor before he joined the Inner Circle. Now, Guevara is winning. This advisor could help Cutler. Cutler took Sammy up on the offer.
  • Orange Cassidy was sitting in the stairwell when characters behind the camera blabbed on about nothing.
  • Sammy brought Cutler to a Private door. Cutler thought it was a set up to be jumped by the Inner Circle. Cutler made Sammy go in first. Inside was Benigno Bodega. He can see the past, present, future. I have no idea who was in disguise as the Bodega character. Bodega read the cards. Cutler was allowed to ask one question. Will he win his next match? No. Cut to Cutler being pinned by a kid in post-Dynamite fan shenanigans.
  • Nick merch freaked four plastic bottles into a new Young Bucks shirt. He threw the bottles into the air and out came a shirt.
  • Matt had an inner monologue after the Hangman Page interview where Hangman got a pitcher of beer. Matt was frustrated about Hangman’s drinking, then he tried a sip of beer out of curiosity. Matt spit it out and worried about anyone smelling it on his breath, because he’s straight-edge.
  • Hangman was roaming the halls with an empty pitcher of beer. He ran into Best Friends and OC. Hangman was looking for Private Party, but they had already left. Hangman threw $12 at the Best Friends for the tab he owes Private Party.
  • Sappy music played as Cody was helped to the back by the Elite after the lashing. Hangman sat in bed, drinking, and watching on TV. Hangman appeared to be sad and put his whiskey on the side table. Then he picked it back up. I’m not sure what the scene was supposed to tell us.

We’ll close with a silly advertisement for AEW shirts sold in Hot Topic. Jon Moxley demonstrated the idea for the spray paint design on his Mox shirt.

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