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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Feb. 12, 2020): Women’s championship match

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way from H.E.B. Center in Austin, Texas. Advertised for tonight: Riho defends her title against Nyla Rose, Santana probably gets his eye stabbed by Jon Moxley, MJF vs. Jungle Boy, Dustin Rhodes faces Sammy Guevara, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I’m a child of air, I’m a witch of the wind and I’m still wide awake... Mary Jane. From the earth, up through the trees, I can hear her calling me. Her voice rides on the breeze, oh, it’s haunting me, but I have to focus on liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with introductions for our opener.

”Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Omega and Kazarian to start and Evil Uno appears on the screen with the Dark Order guys to tell everyone in the match that we’re preparing for the arrival of the Exalted One, and when the time is right, they’ll strike.

Collar and elbow, Frankie with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, Kenny firing off arm drags into an armbar but Kaz gets him in the ropes and forces the break. Whip across, Sky with a cheap shot from the apron, Omega boots him but Frankie pulls him off of a springboard, they jockey for position, O’Connor roll for two. Drop toehold, Scorpio with another cheap shot, German suplex, again just a two count.

Double whip, leapfrog, reverse STO, cover for two. Gory Special applied but Page breaks the SCU Later up and hits a rolling elbow! German suplex follows, Omega goes back to work, Kazarian pulls Adam off the apron and lays him out with a lariat! Kenny snaps off a Frankensteiner, sends Frankie to the floor and calls for it... TERMINATOR DIVE BUT SKY TRIPS HIM UP AND HITS A TOPE CON GIRO ON PAGE! KENNY HITS THE TOPE CON GIRO AS WELL!

Back inside, missile dropkick to Scorpio’s back, fisherman buster to follow it up... STILL NO! Hangman tags in, Kazarian returns, the match breaks down and they clobber him with a kick and a Kotaro Krusher! Off the ropes, Page catches Sky into a fallaway slam and kips up! Omega in, fireman’s carry, Finlay Roll into the running shooting star press, diving moonsault, Hangman up top but Kaz pushes him to the floor!

Sky with a flapjack on Kenny and he tags Frankie in! Ram into the corner, repeatedly, taking Omega to the floor and putting him into the barricade and then the apron. Back inside, Kaz with a scoop and a slam, springboard leg drop... NOT HAPPENING! Tag to Sky, stepping on Kenny’s back, following it up with kicks, tag to Frankie, crossbody for two and he locks a bodyscissors on.

Omega stands up in it, he wants the tag but Page is writhing on the floor and checking his elbow. Scorpio cuts Kenny off, Sky with a Stinger Splash, double whip, boot up in the corner, back elbow, Omega gets the tag! Page in hot with forearms, a boot cuts Sky out of mid-air! Off the ropes, lariat ducked but he gets Scorpio in the fireman’s carry and drops him.

Standing moonsault, just the two, Kenny in, the match breaks down, Page to the apron, big boot, Buck Shot countered by a lariat from Sky... SO CLOSE! Double-team swinging DDT on Adam gets another close two, lungblower sets up an Ace Crusher, one for Omega as well and both men lock Dragon sleepers on! No finish, Kenny tags in, V-Trigger for Kaz, Dragon suplex for Sky, back to Frankie, lining him up... BUCK SHOT DUCKED!

Jockeying for position, powerbomb sets up a V-Trigger to the back of the head! Dive takes Sky out, they line Kaz up...

”Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega win by pinfall with a combination Buck Shot / V-Trigger on Frankie Kazarian to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the four main Dark Order goons come to ringside and square off with SCU and Best Friends, who are there for some reason. Butcher and the Blade join the bunch, as do Jack Evans and Angelico, but the Young Bucks join the babyfaces and we get a brawl! Slowly the ring clears until the Young Bucks stand tall, running Butcher and the Blade out first to preview next week’s battle royal.

They punctuate the whole exchange with stereo dives on the assembled tag teams to send us to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the rest of tonight’s festivities.

We get video footage of a sit-down interview Jim Ross conducted with Santana earlier today.

He tells a story about how he hit rock bottom about ten years ago and how he lost his father, who was blind, and he promises that tonight Jon Moxley will know what it’s like to be in the dark.

We get another black and white video from Darby Allin, wherein he says that smashing his throat with his skateboard was a mistake and he challenges Sammy Guevara to a match at Revolution.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara

Guevara on the floor to start, keeping his distance, and when he runs in the ring, Rhodes clocks him with a hard right! Another right, a release atomic drop, running dropkick, only two! To the floor, Dustin gets in Jake Hager’s face and then hits Sammy in the throat when he jumps off the steel steps! And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Rhodes catches a springboard and counters it into a flapjack! Right hands, whip across, lariats, Dustin running hot! Drop down slap, Guevara with a boot up in the corner but he runs right into the snap scoop powerslam! Rhodes perches up top but is distracted by Hager and Sammy is able to clobber him and hit the Feast Your Eyes... NOPE!

Guevara goes up top but Dustin cuts him off and climbs to join him. Back body drop counters the flip piledriver but Sammy charges right back in! Jockeying for position, release gourdbuster off the top... DUSTIN RHODES FLIP PILEDRIVER! Suplex lift...

Dustin Rhodes wins by pinfall with the Final Reckoning.

Post-match he calls Jake Hager Jericho’s bitch and demands he turn around. Jake obliges and Rhodes asks if he’s ever gonna wrestle or if he’s just gonna keep collecting a paycheck. He broke his arm and now Dustin wants a piece of his ass at Revelation!

Hager doesn’t give him an answer and walks away.

We get a recap of Dr. Britt Baker, DMD breaking Yuka Sakazaki’s teeth last week.

Tony Schiavone interviews Baker.

She calls his question stupid and says what she did is stay true to her ethical and legal obligation as a dentist, which includes improving the health of the population, and claims the tooth she knocked out was decayed and needed to come out anyway, and so she did Sakazaki a favor by extracting the tooth for free.

Schiavone asks her opinion about tonight’s title match, which she thinks will be fantastic and both women will impress, but at the end of the day the amazing thing is they’re still both number two compared to her. The crowd boos and she puts over her bonafides, from her degrees to being the first woman AEW signed.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a recap of the first title match between Nyla Rose and Riho and the fallout from that.

Nyla Rose vs. Riho (c) (AEW World Women’s Championship)

Riho right in with a knee at the bell! Forearms, waistlock, Rose rams her into the corner for the break! Whip across, charging in, Riho with a schoolboy pin for two! Off the ropes, duck the lariat, Nyla freight trains her over and covers her for two. Running dropkick, stomp to the midsection, suplex lift but the champion floats out and throws forearms to back her into the ropes.

Whip blocked, Rose with a forearm of her own, off the ropes and Riho hits a tijeras and follows it up with a dropkick that sends her to the floor! Riho off the top with a crossbody, Nyla catches her and hits a backbreaker! Following it up by ramming her back-first into the apron, Rose is feeling it and goes under the ring for a table! Setting a table up on the floor... AND RIHO JUMPS ON IT AND THEN OFF IT WITH A DROPKICK!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Riho with a handspring and a dropkick, Rose gets her in the goozle and she converts the chokeslam into a crucifix driver! Both women down and out, referee Paul Turner administering the standing ten count and they both beat it. Riho gets the drop toehold, Nyla on the second but she blocks the Tiger feint kick! Banzai drop countered, running dropkick... NOPE!

Samoan drop connects, two for Rose! Drawing the champion up, suplex over the top rope, Nyla heads up top... DIVING KNEE DROP ACROSS THE BACK OF RIHO’S NECK! Lackadaisical cover... NOT ENOUGH! Into the corner, Stinger Splash, fireman’s carry, headed up top again, jockeying for position and Rose bites her face! AIR RAID CRASH OFF THE TOP IS AS CLOSE TO THREE AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE WITHOUT ENDING THE MATCH!

Forearm for forearm, electric chair but Riho slips out and hits the Dragon suplex! Another one, sidestep the knee, Nyla hosses her up, Riho reverses, Rose going for an STF but the champ slips ot with a dropkick and hits a bridging northern lights... NOT HAPPENING! Riho up top, double stomp... NYLA KICKS OUT AT ONE! Stumbling across the ring, down and out again, the champion up top for another double stomp!

Rose sitting up, Riho hits a third double stomp as she’s rising... NYLA’S FOOT IS ON THE ROPE! SHE’S STILL IN THE FIGHT! RUNNING KNEES COUNTERED WITH A SPEAR! Drawing her up... NYLA HITS THE POWERBOMB! IT’S OVER! SHE DID IT!

Nyla Rose wins by pinfall with a sitout powerbomb to win the AEW World Women’s Championship.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, I’m still riding the high from seeing someone like me win a title for the first time in my wrestling-watching life, and the Inner Circle are interviewed.

Chris Jericho runs Jon Moxley down as a bottom of the barrel scumbag and says he scoured the globe looking for an assassin to tear him apart limb from limb, so if he’s lucky and stupid enough to survive Santana tonight, next week he has Jeff Cobb ready to give him a Tour of the Islands and a dash of reality! He tells Mox he always thought he’d see him in the Inner Circle, but now he’ll see him in hell.

We get a video package hyping Jeff up for us.

A video package of Cody Rhodes getting his lashes last week follows.

Brandi Rhodes joins commentary and Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance to send us to break.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Waistlock, standing switches, drop toehold, Friedman with a wristlock, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block and he taunts for the crowd. Perry pops right back up, Max knocks him down, off the ropes, drop down and Friedman struts. Off the ropes, leapfrog, cartwheel, side headlock takeover into a legscissors, MJF bridges up, goes for a backslide but Jungle Boy reverses to a small package, stereo kip-ups into a stalemate!

Jawing, a shoving match breaks out and Friedman bails to the floor when he gets bowled over and embarrassed. Back inside, he offers a handshake but Jack spits on his hand and slaps it! Knucklelock, up top, arm drag and a dropkick from Perry! MJF gets him in the corner and puts boots to him, dragging him to the floor and throwing him into the crowd!

We go to break with Max well in charge.

Back from commercial, Perry gets a back body drop for some separation. Hard back elbow, into the corner, uppercut, but a whip fails when his back gives out! Jack manages to hit a lariat off the adrenaline, off the ropes, suicide dive, back inside, a second dive, one more time... TOPE CON GIRO! Back inside, Poison Frankensteiner connects, Perry draws him up but again his back gives out!

Jungle Boy exposed, MJF gets him up into an reverse Gory Special and wrenches it in! Perry slips out, and heads up top only for Friedman to cut him off! Calling Brandi out, telling her she can have a real man, Max grabs his gentleman’s area and shakes it before climbing up top. Perry slips under him... LIGER BOMB GETS TWO! MJF crawling under the ropes, Jack with hard slaps, Max calls for Wardlow and he slips him the pinkie ring! Huge right hand...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with the Double Cross.

Post-match, Wardlow gets Jungle Boy on his shoulders... F-10!

Luchasaurus makes the save!

We get a hype reel for Revolution and go to break.

Back from commercial we get a vignette from PAC of him training and talking about how Kenny Omega hasn’t been the same since he choked him out in Chicago.

We get a recap package about the build to our main event.

Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara are shown taking their seats way up high in the crowd.

Santana attacks Moxley before the bell and throws him into the crowd, brawling him around! Slugging it out, referee Rick Knox trying to restore order and Jon back body drops him back to the ringside area! Throwing Santana into the barricade, face-to-face with Ortiz, chop for Santana!

Jon Moxley vs. Santana

In the ring, we get a bell and Mox clobbers him in the corner. Forearms, knees, off the ropes and Santana gets a back elbow before Jon lariats him over the ropes and to the floor! Double axehandle to join him, Santana gets control of his head and tries to jam him eye-first into the steel steps! Jon slips out, Santana off the ropes with a slingshot dropkick and we go to break.

Back from commercial, slugging it out forearm for forearm, whip reversed but Mox hits a lariat! Whip across, thinking about a backslide, Jon gets two and uses the kickout to set up a Fujiwara armbar! Santana with an upkick to escape, Moxley hits a Geramn suplex to stay on him! Boot up, Santana puts him face-first into the turnbuckle! O’Cornnor roll into an Ace Crusher... NOPE!

Snap off a piledriver... MOXLEY KICKS OUT! Up top, mid-air collision and both men are down out! Ortiz has the madball but Knox warns him off, Jon with a schoolboy for two! Santana hits a superkick, off the ropes and Mox decks him with a lariat! Back up top, Ortiz spits some kind of alcohol into Mox’s good eye and he falls down! Santana hits the cannonball and follows it up with a frog splash... NOPE!

Waiting for Moxley to rise, he throws a wild punch and stumbles and Santana gets him in a headlock... BUT MOX JAMES HIS THUMB INTO SANTANA’S EYE! Both men stumbling, Jon finds the spot...

Jon Moxley wins by pinfall with Paradigm Shift.

Post-match, Ortiz attacks Moxley while the rest of the Inner Circle makes their way down! Hager choking him, Jericho arrives with the bubbly and Jake grabs a head-and-arm triangle before punting him in the gentleman’s area! Holding him up, Chris takes his jacket off... JUDAS EFFECT!


The Inner Circle pose over Moxley’s fallen body.

That’s the show, folks.