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Here’s Kenny Omega appearing on Impact Wrestling

Kenny Omega lived up to the announcement and did indeed appear on Impact Wrestling tonight (Dec. 8, 2020). He was joined by Don Callis on their tour bus to address the mischievous AEW World Championship victory over Jon Moxley.

Impact opened the show with a highlight package hyping the AEW title match.

That was followed with aerial footage of Omega’s tour bus pulling up to the Nashville, TN venue where Impact is taped.

Even Tony Khan got in on the fun with a ‘paid for’ commercial to promote Dynamite.

Tommy Dreamer expressed his concern about locker room morale to Scott D’Amore in allowing Omega and Callis to have control of the situation. D’Amore was only focused on the increased press for Impact.

Impact World Champion Rich Swann attempted to exit the arena after his match, but security would not let him pass that particular way due to orders from the real world champ. Swann became aggravated at the lack of respect from Omega.

Impact closed the show with the interview we were all waiting for. Josh Mathews conducted the questioning, but Callis brushed him off to start with the ceremonial changing of the name plate on the AEW title belt.

The plan between Callis and Omega started 27 years ago when Callis was trained by the Golden Sheik. That man was Omega’s uncle and introduced Callis to the 10-year-old little Kenny. Ever since then, Callis took the role of being the invisible hand in Omega’s life.

When Callis returned to the wrestling industry five years ago, it was all part of the plan to change history. They did it three years ago when Callis booked Omega versus Chris Jericho in the Tokyo Dome as the match that gave birth to AEW. Then, they changed history again last Wednesday on Dynamite.

Some might call it the biggest screwjob since Montreal, but Callis views it as making history right for Omega to become champ. Some people make matches, some make memories, but they make history.

Omega justified his nefarious cheap shot to Moxley with the microphone as revenge for a man striking his father figure. Moxley’s contact to Callis ended the gentlemen’s agreement for a fair bout, so Omega took matters into his own hands. Omega doesn’t feel his win is tarnished. He’s had the greatest matches of all-time around the world, even in Zimbabwe. Omega deserves the strap.

As for why Impact, Omega teased collecting belts. Comic books were his hobby as a child, but he could never get his hands on the top books. In wrestling, Omega now has the top championship. He suggested dabbling in Impact during his free time to win their world title as well.

Callis and Omega finished the interview by teasing a big announcement on Dynamite. Omega closed with his “goodbye and good night” catchphrase as a treat for the fans.

That was solid story exploration to provide motivations for the actions of both Omega and Callis. Yeah, they are lying scumbag heels, but it makes sense from their point of view. Whether or not the relationship between AEW and Impact expands in the future, Impact did well to plant seeds for Omega to challenge Swann for the Impact World Championship.

Was Kenny Omega’s appearance on Impact worth the wait? What’s your take on the explanation provided by Omega and Don Callis? Would Omega versus Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship garner your attention?

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