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Tony Khan bought a commercial on Impact to promote AEW Dynamite

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Wrestling history was in the making when Don Callis teased an appearance of the new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega to appear on Impact Wrestling. Like a true carny veteran, Tony Khan couldn’t let the opportunity by without buying time on the program to promote AEW and Dynamite.

The no-frills ‘paid for’ commercial with Khan and Tony Schiavone aired early in the Impact Wrestling program.

Khan could have filed an injunction or told Omega that he is in breach of contract, but Khan wanted to support Impact with a paid advertisement to promote Dynamite as Wednesday night’s #1 wrestling destination. Despite not liking the shenanigans that led to Omega’s victory, Khan offered an open invitation for Callis to return to Dynamite.

This was a fun little tongue-in-cheek moment for Khan. Teasing rumors of buying Impact was a nice touch. As was hyping the Young Bucks as the greatest tag team in wrestling. That should plant the seed for any crossover bouts. One other takeaway is that I am glad Khan doesn’t have a prominent on-screen role. He didn’t come across as a very charismatic speaker that could control the arena. It does look like he loves the business though.

What’s your take on the commercial from Tony Khan?