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Washington Football Team is trolling Britt Baker, and even as a Steelers fan I can’t be mad

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As long-time Cagesiders may know, I hail from Pittsburgh, PA - the land of Bruno Sammartino & Kurt Angle, where we put french fries on our sandwiches and bleed black & gold.

Yesterday (Dec. 7) was not a happy day at the confluence of the Allegheny & Monongahela Rivers. Our beloved six-time Super Bowl champion Steelers suffered their first setback of the 2020 - 2021 campaign, an upset loss to the underdog Washington Football Team.

I could debate the circumstances of the defeat, with COVID re-scheduling putting Pittsburgh on the field for its second game in six days against a team on 11 days rest, or the way injuries have ravaged our excellent defensive unit. I will acknowledge the game highlighted what Steelers critics have been saying all year, that a combination of that aforementioned defense, luck, and weak opponents had masked a one-dimensional offense to inflate our record to 11 - 0.

Bottom line is we blew a two touchdown lead to a four win team at home. And as our coach said, “if you can’t get a yard, you don’t deserve to win,” a reference to the goal line stand Washington made in the second quarter that could have made a difference in a game the visitors took by a 23 - 17 score.

What does any of that have to do with us on this here international wrestling blog? Well, the Washington Football Team’s social media folks decided to celebrate the win with a few pro wrestling memes. One featured defensive lineman Daron Payne and an old THQ/Yukes WWE video game...

... and another used NXT’s Adam Cole, who is in a relationship with another Pittsburgh native, AEW’s Britt Baker.

Britt didn’t like it.

I feel you Doctor. But even as a fellow Yinzer and die-hard Stillers fan myself, I can’t be mad. (a) We lost, and (b) that’s just good trash talk. Bonus points for using one of my favorite wrestling GIFs of the last several years.

Well played, Football Team. Well played.