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Shaquille O’Neal is coming to AEW Dynamite

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Earlier this year, Mike Tyson appeared on AEW Dynamite for an angle with Chris Jericho that never had a payoff. Iron Mike decided that he would rather fight 50+ year old boxers instead of 50+ year old wrestlers.

So AEW has shifted gears and decided to pursue another celebrity athlete - Shaquille O’Neal. On the Nov. 11 episode of Dynamite, Jade Cargill interrupted Cody Rhodes to tell him that he has a tiny penis and that he can’t handle Shaquille O’Neal. It looked like some kind of angle was brewing between Cody & Brandi Rhodes versus Shaq & Cargill.

That angle will see its next chapter take place on this week’s (Dec. 9) episode of Dynamite. Shaquille O’Neal will address AEW during an interview with Tony Schiavone.

Sting is also advertised for a talking segment on this episode, so perhaps their stories will overlap, leading to a snowy Boneyard match between the two iconic figures.

Let us know where you think this one is headed, Cagesiders.