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Eddie Kingston punched Jake Roberts

As Dynamite was going off the air, Eddie Kingston rushed the commentary booth to call out Jake Roberts and Lance Archer. Roberts answered and ate a knuckle sandwich for his troubles. Calamity ensued with a big brawl between Kingston, Butcher, & Blade and Archer, Fenix, & Pentagon. Luckily, AEW caught it all on camera for our viewing pleasure.

This is a great clip with so many little things to enjoy. Kingston never ceases to amaze me with his crafty ability to sucker punch. Knowing that Archer was itching to throw blows, Kingston lulled the Murderhawk Monster just enough to take his one chance at hitting Roberts. Allie took a bump on her bum off the apron trying to escape the ring when the Lucha Bros ran in. Referee Rick Knox was plunged into a temporary coma by a charging Archer then crawled away at the end while everyone was occupied.

The closing promos were icing on the cake when Kingston yelled that Fenix was a spot monkey and needed to learn how to tell a story. In response to being called a sell-out bitch by Kingston, Archer expressed his plans to make Kingston’s ass become grass. With fans in attendance, it is clear Kingston is the more hated as chants of ‘punk-ass bitch’ rained down with Archer’s encouragement.

That bout of fisticuffs definitely worked me into a frenzy of anticipation to see next week’s trios bout between the two sides.

What was your favorite moment from the skirmish? Who won the trash-talk duel? Which squad will you be rooting for?

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