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AEW Fallout: Arn Anderson anticipates Cody vs Sting, MJF beefs with Dionne Warwick, more!

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Big stories coming out of Dynamite (Dec. 2, 2020) were MJF surviving the Dynamite Diamond Ring battle royale to duel Orange Cassidy, Kenny Omega winning the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley, and Sting making his AEW debut. Fallout includes Arn Anderson anticipating Cody Rhodes versus Sting, MJF finding an unlikely celebrity beef on social media, as well as other goodies.

Arn Anderson provided his thoughts on Sting’s appearance.

It sounds like Arn is setting the stage for Cody vs Sting.

“And then I looked at Cody. And I looked in his eyes, and I knew exactly what he had in mind. Sting, you have your reasons for being here, but they’re already lining up to get a crack, my friend. Cody’s at the front of that line.”

The more I think about it, I believe Cody is the best matchup for Sting in the ring to cloak any physical limitations. Cody works a slower pace compared to a speedster like Darby Allin. Cody thrives with the big match feel and shenanigan-filled contests. That is exactly the type of match Sting needs in the twilight of his career.

There is also enough doubt in predicting a winner to keep the tension tight. Cody doesn’t lose very often, and it seems unlikely to bring Sting back to lose his first high-profile contest. I’d still put Cody as the heavy favorite, but the Stinger can’t be overlooked despite his age.

MJF has had quite the week. From surviving the Dynamite Diamond Ring battle royale to being named in the New York Times’ Best Performances, he now has another achievement within his grasp. Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, new ground breaks. The leader for the most unexpected wrestling feud this year is MJF versus Dionne Warwick. Yes, I’m just as flabbergasted as you are.

It all started with Warwick commenting on this photo of MJF as her name was also mentioned in reference to the New York Times’ article.

Innes McVey

Of course, MJF sassed the soul singer.

Warwick clapped back in good nature, so MJF hit her with a song pun.

Even Tony Khan got in on the fun with a musical reference.

After this exchange, give MJF a variety program as AEW’s long-rumored second show. Imagine the glitz and glamour like back in the olden days. MJF and the Inner Circle lads can do comedy routines and sing classic tunes. A duet with Warwick would be the first order of business.

Warwick wasn’t the only one to rile up MJF. Orange Cassidy was not frightened by MJF’s grandmother’s trash-talk of her grandson turning him to toast.

Battle lines are forming. I’ll take Momoo over Sue any day. MJF and Cassidy will duke it out on Dynamite for the Dynamite Diamond Ring prize.

Kenny Omega called back to an old tweet after losing to Moxley at last year’s Full Gear to rub the title win in Mox’s face.

As of now, Moxley has yet to comment on social media about his loss.

AEW is full steam ahead on new merch for Omega as champion.

This week’s episode of Dark is jammed with a bunch of matches again. The streak continues of several women’s bouts on the card. None of the contests stick out to me on paper, but Cody is hinting at Sonny Kiss vs Baron Black, Diamante vs Tesha Price, and The Acclaimed vs Jon Cruz & Michael Nakazawa as the ones to watch.

Would you be excited for Cody vs Sting? What song should MJF sing with Dionne Warwick? Which matches are you eager to view on Dark?