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Jericho & MJF use New York Times nod for Cornette shots & grandparent shout-outs

“Le Dinner Debonair”, the Chris Jericho and Maxwell Jacob Friedman segment from the Oct. 21 episode of AEW Dynamite, earned MJF a spot in writer Wesley Morris’ “Best Performances of 2020” piece in The New York Times.

That’s a pretty big deal for a song-and-dance number on a pro wrestling show.

Buddies CJ and Max are not the kind of guys (nor do they play the kind of characters) to not take a victory lap about that kind of recognition. They took different approaches to celebrating MJF’s prestigious shout-out, though.

The veteran called attention to the article, and continued his beef with his old Smoky Mountain Wrestling boss* and his followers in the process:

Friedman took a slightly different tack. First incorporating the honor into this great farewell for his recently deceased grandfather:

MJF’s Twitter

Then bringing in his grandmother - and her delicious challa French toast - to sell his match with Orange Cassidy on next Wednesday’s Dynamite:

That’s the kind of stuff that gets people thinking MJF is the future of this business. That, and the way he deals with Twitter types who don’t think heels should have families...

* Jim Cornette, who hails from Louisville and uses his podcasts to bury pro wrestling segments and matches that are meta, ironic or basically just don’t present as “real sports”... stuff like “Le Dinner Debonair”.

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