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This report is bad news for fans hoping for an AEW/Impact invasion angle

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A lot of our minds went into fantasy booking overdrive when Dynamite went off the air Wednesday night (Dec. 2) with new World champ Kenny Omega and Don Callis telling us to tune in to Impact next Tuesday to learn more about their alliance.

If you want to keep most of your dream scenarios alive, you’ll want to hope this report is wrong, and/or skip it altogether.

Sources told Wrestling Inc that “the relationship between Impact and AEW is not currently scheduled to be that intertwined.”

The sites write-up from Nick Hausman goes on to specify that Omega’s Dec. 8 appearance on Impact will be “a one-off.” It’s expected that The Good Brothers will show-up on Dynamite at some point for a match, likely but not confirmed to be against The Young Bucks. And that’s it.

AEW President Tony Khan is said to have signed off on the plan, which was “was largely done as a favor from Omega for Don Callis.”

While we can speculate on why both sides would go through with a short-term plan when there isn’t one for a bigger angle - namely AEW getting the Nitro-like “anything can happen” we’ve been experiencing since Wednesday night, and Impact getting more positive publicity than they received in years - Inc’s report does point to another factor:

“We have heard that Don Callis’ contract with Impact Wrestling may be coming up next month. Once Callis is done with Impact, it sounds like he would move to AEW full-time to work as Omega’s on-screen manager.”

Along with Scott D’Amore, Callis runs creative for Impact. He wouldn’t have the same level of control at AEW, but given his relationships with Kenny and Chris Jericho, he’d still have a say in things. There’s no reporting on what kind of money either side would offer him, but long-term you’d have to imagine there’s more to be made with company on TNT than the one on AXS. Callis could see taking less power and money now as in investment for the future.

But that piece of the puzzle isn’t even reported as being a done deal. And even if all we get out of the AEW/Impact angle right now is two crossover appearances and a new manager for Omega, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t lead to more down the road.

Still plenty of reasons to... stay tuned.

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