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I don’t think MJF is done with Brodie Jr. just yet

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Last night’s (Dec. 30) AEW tribute show to Brodie Lee included a match where MJF was a real big jerk to 8 year old Brodie Jr., who was watching the action in the first row. The loudmouth heel screamed in the kid’s face, ripped off his Dark Order mask, and even flipped him off. MJF eventually received his comeuppance when Brodie Jr. struck him in the head with a cane, and the Dark Order went on to win the match.

That should be the end of the conflict between Brodie Jr. and MJF, right? Not so fast.

After the match was over, MJF took to Twitter to express his deep displeasure with Brodie Jr.’s actions:

That doesn’t sound like a heel who is ready to move on from this humiliation. But if MJF is as smart as he thinks he is, he’d stay away from this fight. Just look at Brodie Jr. continuing to swing a mean kendo stick at his fellow Dark Order brethren:

Considering that Brodie Jr. is signed to a legitimate contract with AEW and is now the TNT champion for life, I’m thinking the seeds have been planted here for a big championship showdown in about 15 years.

Brodie Jr. getting his revenge on MJF ranks right up there among my favorite moments of the night, although it’s tough to beat the surprise appearance from Erick Rowan, which occurred in the same match.

What was your favorite moment of AEW’s tribute to Brodie Lee?