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Booker T changes his mind about Sting wrestling in AEW

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Earlier this month, Booker T made a bizarre claim about how Undertaker and Shawn Michaels’ all-time classic match in 2009 at WrestleMania 25 is evidence that 61 year old Sting can still go out there and have a great match in AEW right now.

A few weeks have passed, and it seems that Booker T has changed his tune. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Booker T acknowledged that it’s not a smart idea for Sting to wrestle in AEW:

“I wouldn’t advise it. Okay? At 61 years old, I wouldn’t advise it...for Sting to do it now, at 61, I just think, it’s an unwise move to go out there and try and work with these young guys.”

Sting recently said that he signed with AEW in order to go out on his own terms, and with the understanding that he’ll wrestle in some cinematic matches. Perhaps the age of his opponent matters less in that more controlled environment.

Who would you pick as Sting’s first opponent in AEW?