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Sasha Banks, Big E & more WWE stars praise AEW’s Brodie Lee tribute show

Since news of his death arrived on Sat., Dec. 26, the wrestling web has been flooded with stories big and small about what a pleasure it was to know Jon “Brodie Lee” Huber.

In a way we’ve perhaps never seen before, the outpouring of love for Lee has erased the lines between competing wrestling companies. Huber wrestled as Luke Harper in WWE for seven years before joining AEW in March. Before that, he shared locker rooms & road trips with just about everyone who worked the indies in the aughts.

Leading up to Dec. 30’s Dynamite - a show rewritten by AEW President Tony Khan to honor Lee, and pop his eight year old son Brodie Jr. - we’d seen WWE Superstars tweeting about and even promoting a show which would run head-to-head with their own company’s NXT program.

After it was over, several of them couldn’t help but praise what they’d seen. And say thanks.

Quite a show, capping several days the likes of which I don’t think the greater wrestling community’s experienced since Eddie Guerrero’s death fifteen years ago.

Let’s try to keep Brodie’s spirit in mind as we endeavor to make Hurricane’s wish a reality, however much we can.

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