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Lance Archer pays tribute by wearing Luke Harper’s clothes

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Tonight’s (Dec. 30) episode of Dynamite is dedicated to celebrating the life of Jon Huber, aka Mr. Brodie Lee.

As part of that celebration, Lance Archer teamed up with Dark Order members Evil Uno and Stu Grayson for a six man tag team match against Eddie Kingston, the Butcher, and the Blade.

Before the match began, Kingston grabbed a mic and said he loves and misses Brodie Lee.

Lance Archer then did his part by dressing up as Huber’s WWE persona, Luke Harper. Archer normally wrestles shirtless, but here was wearing a dirty white shirt and blue jeans, just like Harper did for so many years in WWE.

Like Brodie Lee, Archer is an athletic and hard-hitting big man, and he dominated the match in much the same way you might expect from the Exalted One of the Dark Order.

After Archer’s teamed picked up the win, even Jake “the Snake” Roberts got in the action, nailing Eddie Kingston with a short-arm clothesline.

This entire match was a very cool way to pay tribute to Jon Huber.

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