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AEW already inked Brodie Lee Jr. to a legit contract

Some great stories about how the company is taking care of the family in a horrible situation.

Amada Huber’s Instagram

You’ve probably seen “-1” all over AEW’s promotion for the Brodie Lee tribute edition of Dynamite tonight (Dec. 30). That’s the Dark Order name/number assigned to Lee’s eldest son, eight year old Brodie Huber.

The story of -1 and his role backstage at All Elite actually started cropping up prior to his dad’s tragic death. Brodie Jr’s name came up in reports from a dark match at the Dec. 16 taping in Jacksonville. With what little we knew at the time, it was assumed that, as redditor SpaceForce1 wrote in his spoilers from the show, his World title “win” over Kenny Omega was just a holiday treat for the boy or a Being The Elite bit:

Bonus Segment

Kenny Omega loses the AEW title to Brodie Lee

Kenny joins the Bucks in the ring and they offer a spot in The Elite to Brodie Lee Jr. (Brodie’s 8 year old son). Dark Order comes out and starts a brawl that leads to Kenny and Brodie Jr. having a championship match. Brodie Jr. jumps on Kenny’s back, taps him out with a rear naked choke, and is announced by Justin Roberts as the new AEW World Champion. Fun stuff that I’m guessing was a Christmas present for Brodie’s kid. Could have been shot for some kind of fever dream segment for BTE or Dark Order’s youtube stuff, but was probably just a fun thing for the kid.

With what we sadly know now, the present may have been for his dad as much as it was for Brodie Jr. The other gesture AEW made around this time was almost certainly a way for Tony Khan & team to make sure Jon Huber (Brodie Sr.’s real name) knew his family would be taken care of even if he wasn’t able to made a miraculous recovery from the mystery ailment which cause his lungs to fail.

As Tony Schiavone explained to Conrad Thompson on this week’s edition of their What Happened When podcast:

“His son Brodie has been backstage. We keep him backstage with us now, we take care of him... Knowing that Brodie was very sick, and knowing it was holiday time, and I guess knowing that, for him to kick out - I don’t want to say a miracle, but it was gonna be very difficult for him to kick out, they had brought little Brodie to TV... wrestling is his life. He’s eight years old, he really is a great kid, and they made him a member of the Dark Order, they put a mask on him. He came out with a kendo stick, he beat up a lot of people... They signed him to a contract, legitimately signed him to a contract. When he gets of age, he’ll be with AEW. They have just, they’ve taken care of him. He follows guys around all the time in the back, and he becomes part of us.

“And Amanda [Huber’s widow]’s back there, and... when we do TV tapings now we will have a live show or a taped show, Dynamite, and then we will have sometimes 13 Dark matches. So we’re there until 2 a.m. sometimes. And Amanda’s - I was sitting back there with her when Dark’s going on, she said, ‘You know what? I’m dead tired and I need to go back and get some sleep, but he just loves this so much, I’m just gonna wait.’ So she waits until it’s all over with. And he gets involved with the guys, sits in Gorilla position, comes out sometimes with the mask on and does some crazy things. It just shows you how the roster loved Brodie, and how we are family.”

That’s just good stuff.

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