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The Young Bucks on AEW/Impact Wrestling partnership: ‘I don’t think we know what this means’

All Elite Wrestling

Impact Wrestling’s Don Callis was there to help Kenny Omega win the AEW world championship on Dynamite this week, promising answers not on next week’s episode but on Impact Wrestling’s show next Tuesday night. They’ve wasted no time putting heavy promotion behind that too.

But what does it all mean? What can we expect out of this?

In an interview with the Living the Gimmick podcast (via, The Young Bucks made clear even they don’t know just yet, even if there are immediate plans for, well, something:

“It’s still so early, I don’t think we, all of us, collectively know what this means. I think we’re just dipping our toes in right now and we’re going to see what we can get out of it. But there are immediate plans that I can’t exactly just give away right now. But my dream, if I had it my way, I just think about the possible dream matches. People are already hitting me up like, ‘Oh my god, can you imagine if it was the Young Bucks and the Motor City Machine Guns 10 years later?’ How can you not jump ahead and fantasize and fantasy book?”

They also said they’ve been working on this for two years now and have been wanting to build out a relationship because it makes pro wrestling a lot more interesting, and that’s what will help fans get invested in the product again. We don’t know where they’ll go from here but you know what?

Maybe that’s a good thing.

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