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Sting’s debut in AEW in photos

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All Elite Wrestling

I’ve been a pro wrestling fan for most of my life now, with some breaks thrown in here and there. WWE has been running the show for the majority of my life, save for a really fun little run in the 1990s when WCW was presenting a legitimately compelling product. That’s the promotion I always started with on Monday nights. Raw was great and all but Nitro had something Raw didn’t.


Even all these years later, the character Sting still resonates with me. Actually, considering my job and what WWE has done to the pro wrestling business, there are really only two things left in the industry that actually light me up and make me remember why I always loved this. Sting is one of those things.

Man, this guy is awesome:

Reports indicate he’ll be a regular on AEW television going forward. I’m off on Wednesdays, and I usually let the team handle all the AEW/NXT coverage. To avoid burnout, I tend to actually stay away from pro wrestling on my off days.

AEW bringing in Sting just ensured I will be tuning in to Dynamite now, off day or not.