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Miro is not here for Kenny Omega’s crossover with Impact Wrestling

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Last night’s (Dec. 2) episode of Dynamite concluded with a surprising crossover angle between AEW and Impact Wrestling. Impact’s Don Callis conspired with AEW’s Omega to screw Jon Moxley out of the AEW world championship. The two cowards then ran away into a waiting vehicle to escape the scene of the crime, but not before telling everyone to check out Impact Wrestling on Tuesday night to hear more from them.

Miro watched all of this chicanery go down, and he’s not happy about it. He took to his Twitch stream to let Omega know exactly how he feels about these cowardly tactics:

“You have new champion Kenny Omega. You’re on the watch. I’m watching you. You run away with that title like a little bitch...with the fucking bald-headed guy that he got roses like all over the ring. Who is that guy anyways?”

“But you guys love Kenny Omega. I guess you love little running bitches like this. I would never do that. I am not a runner. I never hide. I never run. I take my fights one-on-one. I don’t grab arms. I don’t just hold people from behind. I fight them face-to-face like a man should, or a woman should. I said it before. Be a man, or a woman, but do not be a not be a coward....Face [your challenges] like a man or a woman. Like a responsible person. Not like a freakin’ bitch.”

It’s worth noting that Miro addressed several other cowards in this Twitch stream, including MJF and Sammy Guevara. So it looks more like Miro is spitballing here rather than actually moving ahead with a specific storyline geared towards Omega.

Tony Khan recently indicated that big things are coming Miro’s way once the calendar turns to 2021. Could that include an AEW world championship match against Omega at AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view in February?