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ROH Wrestling recap: Christmas brawl

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Episode 484 of ROH Wrestling featured holiday cheer as the Briscoes stood on opposing sides to captain teams for a 10-man Christmas extravaganza tag bout.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

Teams for the 10-man tag main event were determined by surprise draw. Jay Briscoe picked his crew via opening Christmas packages. Names were not revealed. Jay was satisfied with all but one member.

Eric Martin & Ken Dixon vs Dante Caballero & Joe Keys

This bout featured prospects from the ROH Dojo trained by Will Ferrara and Jonathan Gresham. The contest was focused on fundamentals. It was more in the Pure style with chain wrestling but without so many submissions. In the end, Keys got the hot tag to run wild on Dixon for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, flying headbutt, German suplex, then an elevated crab submission win.

Mark Briscoe took his turn at the gift table to form his squad. He was ready to jingle some bells.

Christmas 10-man tag extravaganza

Jay Briscoe’s team was Flip Gordon, Brian Milonas, John Walters, and PCO. Mark Briscoe’s team was Beer City Bruiser, Dak Draper, Tracy Williams, and Dalton Castle. Winners earn a big Christmas cash bonus.

Notable spots were the Beer City Bruisers fighting each other, the Briscoes fighting each other, and PCO with a moonsault onto bodies below. As expected, the finish of the match broke down into a hectic scene of individual big moves. PCO won with a moonsault onto Draper.

Bonus match: Kenny King vs LSG

ROH posted a separate bonus bout to celebrate the holidays.

The match started out with fury as both men sought a win to get back on track. King slowed it down by working on the leg. LSG showed fighting spirit by kicking out of a tiger driver. LSG was close to victory on a rocking facebuster to transition for a crossface submission, but King escaped by grabbing the ropes. LSG wasted time flapping his gums. When he ran the ropes, King snapped back with a head kick and fireman’s carry cutter to win at 8:03.

This week was a simple show without any storylines. The 10-man tag was fun with the closing salvo of heavy hits. The Dojo match was crisp and shows that prospects are in good hands being trained by Will Ferrara and Jonathan Gresham. None of the competitors stood out as the next big thing. That may have been by design, since ROH gave all four men the same generic tights. The highlight of the hour was commentary from Brian Johnson during the main event. His curmudgeonly sense of humor caused several chuckles.

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Share your thoughts about episode 484 of ROH Wrestling. Which wrestler stole the show?