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Some great ways to remember Brodie Lee

The wrestling world is still processing the sudden loss of Jon Huber, aka Brodie Lee, fka Luke Harper. We’ll probably all be doing that for a long time to come.

If you’re feeling up to it, one thing we can do is celebrate his work. Huber loved pro wrestling, and he was very good at all elements of it. You can’t really go wrong with any clips of his matches, promos and segments as Lee or Harper. But some fellow wrestling fans online have put together a couple excellent compilations to get you started.

TigerDriver9x is curating this playlist of everything from full matches to out-of-character interviews, ranging from Huber’s days in independent promotions like Chikara & CZW, through his WWE run (theirs includes WWE’s “Greatest Moments” video), on to his all-too-brief time with AEW.

If you want to cry laughing instead of the other kind of crying many of us have been doing since Saturday night, TIL Wrestling put all of his appearances as Dark Order’s Exalted One on Being The Elite together in one video. It’s delightful.

For a celebration of the man himself, Big E’s Twitter has been an amazing memorial to what sounds like one of the best friends any of us could ever hope to have.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to do something tangible, EC3 and CM Punk have each done something which should help Amanda Huber and her & Jon’s two sons.

UPDATE: Mick Foley has joined in...

However you’re processing this, you don’t have to do it alone. Please use the space below to share your memories of Brodie Lee. And just use the web in general to spread some love about the one thing we all had in common with the man... the weird, wonderful art form/business known as professional wrestling.

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