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Jericho flexes on the haters who called him fat

All Elite Wrestling

When NBA fans caught the start of this week’s AEW Dynamite, it opened the floodgates for jokes about 50 year old Chris Jericho’s physique.

And, look, body shaming isn’t cool. But when you cultivate a look straight out of the second half of a VH1 Behind The Music episode and are on national television with your shirt off, these things will happen.

You knew Jericho would respond. In the Cageside offices, our guess was the response would come on his podcast, in the form of something like, “I’m a heel working a washed up rockstar gimmick, so - gotcha, marks! Made you talk about me!”

We were wrong. He touts his drawing power, of course. Dynamite mirroring its usual ratings even while pre-empted during the holidays makes it hard to argue he shouldn’t.

The crux of his response is to put over what great shape he’s in. Not sure what we were thinking predicting the #DemoGod would be self-deprecating...

Flex on ‘em, Chris.

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