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I’m worried that Hikaru Shida is turning into a zombie after being bitten by Abadon

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a gruesome zombie bite, right?

AEW women’s champion Hikaru Shida was bitten by zombie Abadon on last night’s (Dec. 23) “Holiday Bash” episode of Dynamite.

Following that disturbing incident, AEW released some alarming pictures of Shida being treated by the medical team:

I suppose that every universe has its own set of rules when it comes to the long term consequences of zombie bites. With that being said, I’d really appreciate it if AEW could clarify for me what happens when one of their wrestlers is bitten by a zombie. I’m used to that meaning the victim will turn into a zombie in the coming days.

Not only do the above pictures demonstrate that Abadon sunk her teeth deep into Shida’s neck, now Shida is actually tweeting about drinking blood:

Okay, so maybe Shida isn’t directly stating that she now has an insatiable thirst for blood, but I’m pretty sure this tweet is the first step towards getting there. Drinking blood is clearly on Shida’s mind, at the very least.

Meanwhile, Abadon has one of the most thoughtful zombie Twitter accounts I’ve ever come across. Here she is using a Leonardo DiCaprio gif to bond with a future bite victim for acknowledging her proper status as a “badass zombie.”

She also uses Twitter to take up the cause of fighting against Chris Jericho being body shamed by NBA fans, while bragging about the fact Shida’s blood tastes delicious. This isn’t your typical boring zombie Twitter account, that’s for sure.

Getting back to the main focus here, the reason I’m most worried about Shida turning into a zombie is because Abadon already declared that she’s infected:

Who would know better about the contagious properties of this zombie bite than Abadon herself, right? If she says Shida is infected, then I’m pretty sure that means Shida is doomed.

Am I the only person who is worried that Shida will turn into a zombie before her championship match against Abadon at AEW New Year’s Smash on Dec. 30?