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Sting explains what kind of wrestling matches he’ll have in AEW

All Elite Wrestling

Ever since Sting debuted in AEW earlier this month, pro wrestling fans have been wondering what to expect from The Icon in the ring. Will the 61 year old legend actually lace up his boots like old times, or will he strictly perform in a non-wrestling capacity?

Appearing on this week’s AEW Unrestricted podcast, Sting confirmed that he will indeed wrestle in AEW. But there is a very specific style of match that he has in mind. Sting also admitted that he’s in AEW because he wasn’t satisfied with the way his in-ring career ended in WWE:

“I didn’t want to disappear with my tail between my legs. I didn’t want to just end the way it ended. I was pushing to get a cinema style match with Taker. For probably a litany of different reasons it just wasn’t gonna happen. So when Tony [Khan] called and spoke with me, and he said, ‘Are you interested in doing cinema style matches?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I am.’ I am. I thought I’d like to come back and do that and not disappear again with my tail between my legs. I’d love to be able to go out, you know, I don’t have to go out on top, I’m just saying to go out in a positive light.”

Sting made it clear that he signed with AEW because he’s interested in doing some cinematic matches and going out on his own terms. He doesn’t address whether or not he’ll participate in traditional live wrestling between the ropes as well.

Unlike some older wrestlers, Sting embraces the new generation of pro wrestling that he sees in AEW. Here appreciates that AEW’s wrestlers want to be different from the stars who came before them, because that’s exactly how Sting approached the wrestling business in his early years:

“Some of the matches that I have seen. They’re the most incredible, athletic, high-paced, I don’t know how many false finishes. They got the crowd rocking and rolling on every single match, it seems....these guys are ultra talented.

When I first started, I didn’t want to do and be like the generation before me. I wanted to be different, and I was. These guys, I’m watching them do the same thing. They’re different. They’ve changed it. They’ve changed the psychology. They’ve changed how they tell a story. They’re good, very innovative...and taking it seriously. Living, eating, and breathing it. They do. My hat’s off to every one of them.”

Sting is thrilled to be in AEW, and my best guess is that we’ll see his first cinematic match at their Revolution pay-per-view in Feb. 2021. Who do you think makes the most sense for his first opponent?

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