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AEW Dynamite preview (Dec 23, 2020): Festive fighting

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from Jacksonville, Florida. Last week, The Dark Order struggled to recruit Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes, The Inner Circle was FINE, Cody & Brandi are having a baby, Eddie Kingston called out God, Frankie Kazarian rapped, the women’s tag match devolved into chaos, FTR screamed into a microphone, and Joey Janela did his best wrestling Kenny Omega.

This Week’s Headliner:

A couple of weeks ago, The Acclaimed burst onto the AEW scene holding a grudge and spitting rhymes. While the rhymes belonged solidly in 2004, the newest Dynamite tag team showed a lot of talent in the ring. After their match last week, they called out The AEW Tag Team Champions and earned themselves a tag title match (which The Bucks presumably agreed to so the rapping would stop).

The likely hood of The Acclaimed becoming the tag champs is small, but the fact that they are facing off with The Bucks this early in their Dynamite careers is an excellent thing for them. Clearly, the brass and The Bucks think highly of them. Kudos to The Bucks for actually using their championship reign to strengthen and grow the division.

The Title Scene:

AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida will be “in action” tonight. Presumably, this means that she will make quick work of some enhancement talent, and then Abadon will creep out to the ring and enact revenge on her for screwing with her sacrifice match.

Team Taz wants the TNT Championship, but AlternaBoy Darby Allin will most likely be too busy recording his therapy session to respond to their request.

Cody, The Taz Goons, and Allin have all been circling each other for weeks, and now Papa Sting has gotten involved. It is a mess of booking, but someone better wrestle for that championship soon before Taz bursts a blood vessel or a Darby exhibition for attention goes wrong.

Impact Wrestling Star The AEW Champion Kenny Omega has been making the rounds on the wrestling circuit. Who knows if he’ll even have time to appear on AEW Dynamite. He’s very in demand at the moment. It’s not like he’s avoiding some unfinished business named Rey Fenix or anything...he’s just VERY busy.

Other Things to Keep an Eye On:

-Tony Schiavone interviews Sting. Again! Maybe he’ll book a match for Darby Allin.

-Penelope Cruz & Kip Sabian announce their wedding date. I’m sure that it will be nice and no one will get kicked in the face.

-Dustin Rhodes deals with Dark Order’s Evil Uno. Seriously, they need to work on their recruiting pitch.

-The Bastard PAC will wrestle The Butcher because Eddie Kingston is afraid of him.

-MJF & Chris Jericho in an attempt to prove that they are a cohesive unit take on Top Flight. Let’s see if they can keep up!

-Colt Cabana comes out of hibernation to wrestle alongside his Dark Order cronies against Jurassic Express.

-More Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa, please!

-Shaq? Seriously. What’s happening with Shaq?

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 p.m. EST to see how this all plays out!

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