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ROH Wrestling recap: Dalton Castle back on the winning track

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Dalton Castle ROH’s YouTube

Episode 483 of ROH Wrestling featured Dalton Castle looking to silence Brian Johnson and Rhett Titus aiming to rewrite history against Delirious.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

This episode took place before Final Battle, so there is no PPV fallout.

Dalton Castle vs Brian Johnson

This match was set up by Johnson throwing a drink in Castle’s face. If it happened on the street, Castle would have hit him with a sack full of batteries. Johnson is angry about ROH clinging to the past. He is going to run through the former champ.

Castle opened aggressively to teach Johnson respect. Johnson gained ground by slamming Castle onto the ropes and out of the ring. He followed with a suicide dive. Castle charged for a clothesline but rammed into the ring post when Johnson evaded.

Johnson focused on damaging Castle’s shoulder. He maintained control until Castle fired a back elbow. Johnson ended that momentum with a hanging cutter. Castle showed his grit in the end by exploding for a German suplex, running knee, clothesline in the corner, underhook suplex, and a Bang-A-Rang to win at 10:30.

Quinn McKay caught up with Castle backstage for comments. Castle was pleased that he shut Johnson up. Johnson pushed a dangerous button and gave Castle extra motivation to persevere.

LSG will wrestle Kenny King in a bonus match to be released December 24 on HonorClub and YouTube. LSG earned respect by going the distance with Jay Lethal. He won’t allow King to get back on track at his expense. King was not impressed with LSG’s low expectations of just hanging with Lethal. King will knock his head off.

Rhett Titus vs Delirious

Titus has had lots of fortunes and failures during his ROH career. He was ready to give up, then the Foundation reached out to him. Titus is 0-4 against Delirious in singles matches, and he plans to rewrite history starting with a victory. Delirious is confident in his ability to defeat Titus once again.

Pure rules with a 15-minute time limit. Chain wrestling with submissions and pin exchanges to start. Delirious was the first to erupt with a flurry of offense. He booted Titus in the face then connected on a flying dropkick, neckbreaker, and cobra clutch. Titus reached the ropes with his foot for his first break.

Delirious kept on the pressure with another cobra clutch. Titus quickly used his second rope break. Delirious turned his focus to Titus’ shoulder to set up another cobra clutch. Titus was forced to use his third and final rope break.

The tide turned when Titus was caught in yet another cobra clutch. He used the ropes to send Delirious crashing to the floor. The awkward landing hurt Delirious’ knee. That didn’t stop him from scoring one more cobra clutch. Titus escaped by rolling over the top for a pin.

For the finish, Delirious slammed Titus with a cobra clutch suplex. Delirious tried to end it with the same submission. Titus escaped before it was locked in and cold-cocked Delirious with a powerful dropkick to win at 12:24.

Two solid matches with simple stories to set up the heat. A drink to the face and overcoming an old rival are easily relatable tales to entice interest. Castle getting back on the winning track was nice to see. Titus was a little disappointing. He claimed he worked hard on countering the cobra clutch, but he kept getting schooled time and time again by the same hold.

Share your thoughts about episode 483 of ROH Wrestling. Which match stole the show?

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