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Kenny Omega screws over Jon Moxley to win the AEW world championship

The main event of tonight’s (Dec. 2) episode of Dynamite was Jon Moxley defending his AEW world championship against Kenny Omega. This fight has been promoted for weeks as the biggest match in the history of Dynamite. Impact Wrestling’s Don Callis was on commentary for the bout. Would AEW’s two top stars be able to deliver on the hype while wrestling for 30 minutes in the cold outdoors?

Early in the fight, Omega relentlessly targeted Moxley’s knee in order to ground the brawler. Moxley fought back by damaging Omega’s neck with a German suplex and an exploder suplex.

Things swung heavily in the champ’s favor once he caught Omega in the Paradigm Shift, but he wasn’t satisfied with ending the match there. He added some steel chairs to the mix and invited Omega to take a seat and slap him in the face. After exchanging multiple face slaps, Omega got the upper-hand with a V-Trigger.

Moxley came back with a lariat to turn Omega inside out. He then nailed a second Paradigm Shift. A normal man would have been finished at that point, but Kenny Omega is not a normal man.

Omega bailed to the outside and lured the champ into diving head-first right into his knee. He followed up with a Tiger Driver ‘98, but Moxley wouldn’t stay down. The challenger tried to end things with a One-Winged Angel, but Moxley fought his way out of Omega’s grip.

Things spilled to the outside, where Moxley hit Omega with the Paradigm Shift into a large heater. Special commentator Don Callis and assorted AEW officials ran down to the ringside area to check on Omega. Mox was having none of it. He tossed the officials away and dragged Omega back into the ring.

At that point, Callis grabbed a mic and touched Moxley. Moxley dropped him right there, and the mic was tossed into the ring. Omega grabbed the mic without the referee’s knowledge and busted Moxley open with it.

After that blow, four consecutive V-Triggers and the One-Winged Angel were enough to keep Moxley down and crown a new champion.

Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley and won the AEW world championship. Callis handed the title to Omega and both men quickly ran out of the venue towards a waiting limousine. Commentary played it up like a screw job concocted by Callis and Omega. The backstage locker room was irate as the cowards made their escape from the building with the title.

Before departing, Callis told everyone to tune into Impact Wrestling on Tuesday night to learn more about what went down here.

Will you be tuning in to Impact Wrestling on Tuesday night?

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