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CM Punk trolls Renee Paquette over Brandi Rhodes’ pregnancy

There was huge news coming out of last night’s episode of Dynamite - Cody and Brandi Rhodes are expecting a baby! The reveal of Brandi’s pregnancy made mainstream news. People Magazine was all over it.

But I’m more interested in how the wrestling world is reacting to the news. Here are some reactions from various wrestling personalities, including Dustin Rhodes expressing excitement about being an uncle:

Renee Paquette, fresh off her own recent pregnancy announcement, congratulated the happy couple and surmised that their child is destined to look stunningly beautiful:

Following up on all the wrestling pregnancies that have occurred in 2020, Paquette also noted that the pro wrestling talent pool is bound to look great in a couple decades:

To which CM Punk decided to mock the idea that pro wrestling is still going to be a thing 20 years from now:

Leave it to Punk to ignore a potential “Cody neck tattoo” joke and instead turn Brandi’s pregnancy into existential commentary on pro wrestling. What a buzzkill!

Paquette responded to the troll:

I’ll wrap this up with a straightforward congratulations to the Rhodes family on their big news. And let us know in the comments below what baby names would be most appropriate for someone as beautiful as Cody and Brandi’s child is destined to be.

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