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This isn’t working at all for Hangman Page

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Hangman Page agreed to team up with the Dark Order for one night, in order to take on Matt Hardy and Private Party. This match was put together as part of the fallout from the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal earlier this month.

The two main stories to keep track of in this one were the Dark Order’s continued recruitment of Hangman Page despite his resistance, as well as Matt Hardy’s new elitist attitude potentially creating a rift in his mentorship towards Private Party.

The Dark Order tried using comedy and playfulness to create a stronger bond with Page. For example, here they are crashing his entrance:

But of course it takes more than light-hearted banter to compete with Private Party. Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen eventually hit their combo finisher on Alex Reynolds. Matt Hardy used this opportunity to mentor his allies on the art of stealing the pin. Private Party didn’t seem too happy about Hardy hogging the spotlight.

He didn’t get pinned, but Hangman Page is struggling to gain momentum right now. It feels like he’s fallen way down the ladder from where he used to be when he was regularly enjoying alcoholic beverages and teaming up with Kenny Omega.

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