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Let’s overthink Brandon Cutler being removed from Dynamite’s 14 man tag

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AEW’s announced a few changes to Dynamite tonight (Dec. 16). Jake Roberts won’t be there due to a non-COVID illness, Dustin Rhodes will be interviewed by Dasha Gonzalez, and Eddie Kingston will get mic time to “address his enemies.”

But it was this one that prompted some discussion in the Cageside offices:

First and most importantly, here’s hoping everything is or is on the way to being alright for Wardlow and his family.

Beyond that, the decision to pull Brandon Cutler from the babyface team is potentially worth raising an eyebrow over. It’s entirely possible he was just the odd man out since the other six men are in established tag acts. It’s also likely it was deemed more important to get younger stars with brighter possible futures like Brian Pillman Jr., Griff Garrison, and Darius & Dante Martin some TV work.

While it probably has more to do with those first two reasons, it’s not unbelievable a third was a consideration. That’s because it was Cutler’s smart-alecky tweet referencing Jim Ross’ critique of an over-used spot that generated so much discussion on the wrestle web this week. Could this be a message to the D & D-playing Dark regular to not use JR in his jokes?

Sure, it could. It could also either be a coincidence, or a calculation by a promotion that seems to know its audience well - that most of their viewers don’t know anything about the Cutler/Ross “dive” flap, and that those do will relish the chance to speculate about “backstage heat”.

The true test will be if Cutler’s seven match win streak ends next Tuesday on YouTube, or if he disappears from storylines altogether and goes back to just being a Being The Elite cameraman.

In our discussion, the cSs staff thinks we’ve landed on the most likely outcome: a scene on a future BTE with JR and BC poking fun at the whole thing.

Expect several weeks of Cutler wearing BBQ shirts, is what we’re saying.

Give us your over-analysis in the comments below.