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AEW Dynamite preview (Dec 16, 2020): The Enemy of My Enemy is My Tag Partner

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from Jacksonville, Florida. Last week, The Young Bucks narrowly defeated TH2, Sting dismissed Cody Rhodes while praising AEW, Adam Page agreed to join The Dark Order temporarily, Brandi Rhodes threw water in Shaq’s face, The Inner Circle decided to stay together (for now), Hikaru Shida attacked Abadon with a kendo stick, Kenny Omega repeated his Impact spiel, and Miro helped MJF retain his shiny ring.

This Week’s Headliner:

Last week was a big week for The Inner Circle. They not only agreed to put aside their differences, stop staring at each other and work together, but their newest member got to keep his big shiny useless ring! Of course, he got to keep that ring because the Inner Circle distracted the ref while Miro took out OC and gift-wrapped the win to MJF, but that’s just wrestling folx!

Tonight, a unified Inner Circle will wrestle Top Flight, Brandon Cutler, Varsity Blondes & The Best Friends! That’s SO many people in the ring. Undoubtedly it will be chaos, but the big question is will The Inner Circle be able to present a unified front, or will their haphazard opponents get the better of them? And how long will it take for Miro to insert himself into the chaos. One minute? Two?

The Title Scene:

The AEW Champion, Kenny Omega, has been a busy little bee since stealing winning the championship from Jon Moxley. Last night he made another Impact Wrestling appearance (and caused quite a stir), but he can’t forget his home promotion! Tonight he’ll go one-on-one with Joey Janela in a no disqualification match.

Honestly, this goes one of two ways. Either he decimates Janela in mere seconds like he did to Janela’s tag partner Sonny Kiss or he decimates him after beating the absolute crap out of Janela with tables, stairs, kendo sticks, and concrete. Either way, Janela is getting decimated.

The AEW Tag Team Champions won their match against TH2 last week, but it was a close thing. After the match, the newest arrival to the tag scene, The Acclaimed, tried to blindside the champs but were prevented from doing so by SCU. Tonight SCU will wrestle The Acclaimed to prove their point further. The Bucks aren’t scheduled for a match, but I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be watching this one closely.

We’re slowly creeping toward a confrontation between AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida, and Abadon. It seemed like Shida was too scared of the demoness to confront her for a few weeks, but if there is one thing that would break Shida out of her scaredy-cat shell, it’s bullying. Shida is the babyface of all babyfaces, and last week, she came to the rescue of Abadon’s victim opponent. She attacked Abadon with a kendo stick long enough to enact the rescue, but as we all know, it takes more than a little stick to exorcise a demon.

Neither wrestler is scheduled for a match tonight, but perhaps we’ll see a little backstage stalking interaction.

We can safely assume the TNT Champion Darby Allin will be eating popcorn in the stands with Sting watching Cody Rhodes wrestle Angélico. Presumably, Taz & Co. will also be eating popcorn (low fat with no butter) and watching, just somewhere else.

Other Things to Keep an Eye On:

-Hangman Page teams up with our two favorite Dark Order dummies tonight to take on the formidable opponents of Matt Hardy & Private Party. He’s not joining The Dark Order, though. He’s just temporarily utilizing their services...temporarily...probably.

-Ivelisse and Diamante have been tearing it up on AEW Dark (you know, the show you have to watch if you ever want to see good women’s wrestling on AEW tv) and will be taking that energy into the ring with the random but fun pairing of Serena Deeb & Big Swole. I would speculate that this could be leading to more women’s tag matches in AEW, but then I would look like a fool because nothing leads to anything in the AEW women’s division.

- Shaq??

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 p.m. EST to see how this all plays out!

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