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AEW Dark recap (Dec. 15, 2020): Scorpio Sky threw Shawn Spears through a wall

Episode 66 of AEW Dark featured Abadon going after Hikaru Shida and Scorpio Sky throwing Shawn Spears through a wall.

The best moment of the show came thanks to Scorpio Sky. Dr. Britt Baker DMD hosted another edition of, “The Waiting Room,” and roasted Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo. Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard were guests.

Dr. Baker demanded to know how Spears could be eliminated by Scorpio Sky in the recent battle royale. A knock was heard at the door. Marko Stunt was ready as musical guest, but Spears slammed the door in Stunt’s face. Another knock at the door, and this time was Scorpio Sky. He bum-rushed Spears and threw him through a wall.

That attack was hilarious. I love when wrestling sets get destroyed. The wall was so flimsy that it was cartoonish. This continued Sky’s character drama to prove he will get dirty. Spears’ response should be interesting. As a reminder, Spears and Blanchard tortured Joey Janela in the past with a pair of pliers. I hope the violence escalates to that level of lunacy in future backstage segments between Sky and Spears.

Here’s the Dark lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time toward Dynamite:

  • Sotheara Chhun vs Ricky Starks (okay)
  • Baron Black vs Brandon Cutler (okay)
  • Hikaru Shida vs KiLynn King (solid)
  • Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol vs Jurassic Express (solid)
  • Skyler Moore vs Leva Bates (okay)
  • Brian Cage vs VSK (okay)
  • The Acclaimed vs Louie Valle & Mike Magnum (okay)
  • Anna Jay vs Dani Jordyn (okay)
  • Stu Grayson & Evil Uno vs Bear Country (solid)
  • Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela vs RYZIN & Sean Maluta (okay)
  • Tay Conti vs Freya States (okay)
  • Danny Limelight vs Matt Sydal (okay)
  • Kaci Lennox vs Ivelisse (okay)
  • Chaos Project vs Best Friends (solid)

Hikaru Shida put on a good show, and Abadon made an appearance to advance her championship chase. Dark Order versus Bear Country was surging with testosterone. Chaos Project versus Best Friends showed smart strategy from Trent and Chuck Taylor. Brian Cage and Matt Sydal had the coolest moves. Tay Conti used a unique submission that is worth checking out. I’d give the honor to Conti for my favorite performance of the night.

Watch the show here.

Excalibur teamed with Taz to call the action. Anthony Ogogo, Thunder Rosa, and Peter Avalon dropped by to join commentary. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

Ricky Starks defeated Sotheara Chhun. Powerhouse Hobbs was ringside. Starks was in a bit of trouble after a surprise stunner. When Chhun forced Starks into the ropes, Hobbs grabbed Starks hands to prevent Chhun’s plans. Starks broke free then ran the ropes for a spear to win.

Brandon Cutler defeated Baron Black. Cutler took some tough hits then came back with a reverse DDT and a springboard elbow drop for his seventh consecutive victory.

Hikaru Shida defeated KiLynn King. The bout opened with King getting the advantage in chain wrestling. Shida took control with a body slam and knee strikes. King did a weird awkward dance to get back in the groove, but Shida blasted her with an enzuigiri. King ducked under a running knee strike. Shida kept her cool to flip out of a slam then hit a running knee strike. Falcon Arrow finished it for the champ.

Afterward, Abadon ambushed Shida. The ghoul rocked Shida with a Gory neckbreaker then stood over her holding the title belt.

Jurassic Express defeated Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol. Marko Stunt was ringside. Dean produced possibly his most exciting sequence in all of his time on Dark. He slingshot to the outside on Jungle Boy. Dean stepped up off the ring post for a moonsault. He followed with a slingshot elbow drop back in the ring. Jurassic Express prevailed in the end with a brutal head kick from Luchasaurus then a teamwork powerbomb.

Leva Bates defeated Skyler Moore. Bates was in control until Moore caught her in the air. After taking a body slam, Bates pulled a sneaky roll-up for the 1, 2, 3.

Brian Cage defeated VSK. Cage was on his heels after two suicide dives. He turned it around by catching VSK to toss him into the ring post. A deadlift suplex back into the ring and a Drill Claw closed the match.

The Acclaimed defeated Louie Valle & Mike Magnum. Max Caster busted a diss verse about one opponent’s porn addiction.

The Acclaimed handled business with their combo finisher of a suplex then flying elbow drop.

Anna Jay defeated Dani Jordyn. Jordyn is a mean girl, but Jay is just plain mean. She corked Jordyn with a standing heel kick then a rear naked choke on the mat.

Stu Grayson & Evil Uno defeated Bear Country. Stu was feisty to start by getting in the bigger bear’s face. It didn’t work out so well later when that burly bear picked up both Dark Order members for a double slam. Bear Country almost scored the upset on a double team running cannonball of beef into the corner. In the end, Grayson had enough and hoisted the bigger bear on his shoulders for a crushing backbreaker. Fatality finished the W.

Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela defeated RYZIN & Sean Maluta. Janela ran wild to clean house. He obliterated his foe with a brainbuster then Kiss flew in with a splits leg drop for the pin.

Tay Conti defeated Freya States. Conti tried to chop the giant down with about 20 straight strikes of various methods. Conti went for an armbar over the ropes, but States picked her up with one arm to carry the load to the center of the ring. Conti dropped low to force States to the mat for some kind of octopus choke. It was a very cool finish.

Matt Sydal defeated Danny Limelight. Sydal was too much to handle with his unique offensive arsenal. Limelight did sneak in a rear naked choke, but Sydal escaped to deliver a huge jumping knee. A swinging cradle slam ended Limelight’s evening.

Ivelisse defeated Kaci Lennox. MLW aficionados may remember Lennox as an interviewer. She had momentum on a spike DDT. Ivelisse quickly flipped the script for a reverse DDT. Lennox picked Ivelisse up in a fireman’s carry position, but Ivelisse transitioned into an octopus shoulder lock. The pain drove Lennox down to the mat to submit.

Best Friends defeated Chaos Project. Orange Cassidy was ringside. Trent was in deep water after colliding with the guardrail on a spear attempt. Luther and Serpentico tenderized Sue’s baby boy. Chaos Project went for their teamwork finisher, but Chuck Taylor shoved Serpentico off the top turnbuckle. Trent used the confusion to trap Luther in a roll-up for the win. Afterward, Miro stormed out. He was held back by referees, and no extra fisticuffs took place.

My takeaway from this episode is that Brian Cage is giving up too much offense on Dark. He should be demolishing these chumps. I understand wanting to have a good match, but it hurts his status as The Machine to be stifled by enhancement talent.

Time for some quick thoughts. Sotheara Chhun’s theme song is jamming. Bear County made a memorable impression. Their teamwork cannonball was dope. Solid wins for Jay and Tay. Anna and Conti had the type of outings where you can see their steady progress. Commentary was on fire all night with their jokes.

Share your thoughts on Dark. Who stood out most for episode 66? Which was your favorite match?

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